How do I write an outline for a literature class?

How do I write an outline for a literature class? Topic: How do I write an outline for a literature class?
June 19, 2019 / By Yannick
Question: I know it is probably a silly question, but I am not a literature major and have never had to do anything like this. I need to write an outline for my paper and write my thesis. How do I start this out? Does it have to be very detailed? Do I start off with an opening paragraph then outline the rest of the paper, or start with a thesis? Thank you! :)
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Shea Shea | 5 days ago
For your outline you should write all of your major points out, then list several details under each one. Make sure you list most of the details you plan to use in your writing.This should help you make sure you include everything you need to in the paper. The location of the thesis is by choice. You can make it the first sentence if you want to insure your stance or point is clear, or you can put it at the end of your opening section if you favor a dramatic lead in. It can really be located in any part of your opening section, as far as I know, but the beginning and the end will attract the most attention to it. If you are writing a persuasive essay, i suggest waiting until the end of the section to state your thesis. The statement is more effective if your reader has already been softened by your argument. Good luck! _R.M.S.
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If you are in HS, it's pretty easy. You know what an outline is and that's great. Typically there are 5 paragraphs, an intro, 3 body, and a conclusion. Figure out your 3 main points of racism. Let's just say Fear, or in some people's case it's learned from parents, so we'll say Learned and then a third main point, which I can't think of one at the moment. Intro Fear Learned 3rd Main Point Conclustion. I have found that the best way to write a research paper is to get an expert opinion, or a statistic to start your paper. Example "Did you know that 67% of Americans today are racist toward Mexians, Blacks, Asians?" It's a good attention grabber. 1st Body: Thesis (which explains what that paragraph is about). After that get another expert opinion (ex. Judge John Doe from Yada Yada Courts has said....), fact, or statistic (be sure to cite your sources.) Then give two sentences or what you believe the source is saying about racism. Each paragraph should have 3 cited facts, expert opinions, or statistics (which means 6 personal explanations). So. it should look something like this. Intro: Fear (thesis) Expert Explaination Explaination Fact Explaination Explaination Statistic Explaination Explaination (include transition into next paragraph) Then you just repeat the steps for your other two paragraphs. Good sites are EBSCO, and SIRS to find articles to help find facts, expert opinions, and statistics. When you get to your conclusion just restate everything you have said in about three sentences. You'll have your 5 paragraphs down in no time. Make sure you cite your sources though. Good Luck!
Shea Originally Answered: Can someone help me figure out what to write for an outline or Racism?
Hello. It looks like you have some good ideas already to get you going, but just in case you need some pointers on outlines... I thought I'd pass this on. Always use roman numerals (i.e. IV equals four (4) or IX quals nine (9), and then you follow each part with a: I. Racism Defined a. definition 1 b. definition 2 II. Racism via Ethnic Cleansing: a. b. 1. 2. This is the correct way to form your outline. Write how racism and it's effects in slavetrading and etc. Give a concise snapshot of racism in America per se... like prior to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and then how it affects people of color today. Also, do you need to make footnotes and give references for where you got the information. Also remember NOT to plagerize from material source but to essentially put it in your own words and vernacular. Hope this helps much. Good luck. PS... The letter I (as in idaho) looks like a letter "l" as in leaf, and though I indented the outline as it should, it will not so appear once posted.

Patti Patti
It depends, I guess but usually it goes something like this: I. thesis A.details a. more details II. body A. main points a. details III. conclusion A. points a. details It should probably be in detailed sentences, maybe about a third of how much you will write for your paper. Unless its a super long paper, in which case your outline may be less detailed. Good luck, hope this helps :)
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Margot Margot
Please assessment a appropriate literature. which skill, previous study or books/articles (literature) that has a connection on your present day study. You tell them strategies of the previous approximately your present day artwork. that's the situation you could fill on your bibliography (citations of those strategies that are lifted out of your appropriate literature). The communicate area is as quickly as you get to describe your present day study paper. that's the area the situation you're credited for the artwork. destiny researchers will additionally improve "strategies" or area out of your present day study for use for their appropriate literature. then you definately extremely could be component of their bibliography. super aye?
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you state your then your conclusion. 10 page paper is alot...hopefully you got something in your head since you shouldnt have waited last marriage will be hard though

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