How do I write essays in English Comp 1 faster?

How do I write essays in English Comp 1 faster? Topic: How do I write essays in English Comp 1 faster?
June 27, 2019 / By Aubree
Question: I write very, very good essays, and when they are graded, I get a 4 (the highest grade on an essay). Now, I am in Eng Comp 1 as a freshman in college, and we have to have a ten page essay written in 2 class days. We CANNOT take it home to work on. So, I need some hints to write and get my thoughts down on paper faster. On our first day, our ten page rough draft has to be written and proof read in an hour and fifteen minutes. Our final copy is due at the end of class the next meeting....HELP!! :D I already do my outline at home, I just try to write too much, then I waste my time trying to shorten my thoughts! :D
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Abagale Abagale | 4 days ago
Time smart; surely the rule of thumb is two hours for each hour spent at school. i presumed that became outrageous till i truly all started college and located, hiya look, that is precise. So if the class became an hour and a a million/2 or 2 hours, then 3 or 4 hours homework would be generic. yet, college training do no longer meet daily. properly, there are particular ones you may sign in for that meet daily to cram a semester's worth of artwork into 2 weeks, however the same old public of school training meet a pair of times a week. It additionally seems such as you acquire a stressful instructor. do no longer enable it get to you, all people has some sturdy instructors and a few undesirable. All in all i'd say that NO college isn't generally like that. you might have some training you truly do ought to artwork at, yet I fairly doubt you might have any as undesirable as that one sounds. And a heads up with regards to the social existence component. people act like college is all with regards to the social existence, events and eating and getting laid, each hour spent with acquaintances. it is not. surely while you're going finished time you in all likelihood are not going to have lots of a social existence. that is multiple artwork. yet... that's worth it contained in the top. superb of success!
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Sparrow Sparrow
Sounds like a grueling class. Seems a little harsh to expect a 10-page draft after the first day. Nevertheless, have you tried maybe writing your introduction and conclusion first? If you know exactly where you're going with your essay, maybe it might help in quickly filling out the middle part. Good luck with your class.
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Osman Osman
Why not use 4 inch index cards. Write an IDEA on each index card in sentence form. Then put those all in order to make it cohesive while you brainstorm. You can even buy blue, green, or pink and make those your paragraph dividers. I realize you cannot write every sentence on an index card for a 10 pg draft, but you can do a sentence for each paragraph separating your ideas. It's just a thought since it's a lot easier to juggle index cards than double space on notebook paper and have to draw arrows to insert thoughts that you elaborate on. I used to buy a 2inch (diameter) metal clamp shut key ring and card punch a hole in each index card to keep them together so if you drop the deck, they're all organized and attached.
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Leonard Leonard
Concentrate on your train of thoughts, don't let them waver and keep writing, you can do it, stop getting worked up.
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