How do we keep alive the history of our families-for future generations?

How do we keep alive the history of our families-for future generations? Topic: How do we keep alive the history of our families-for future generations?
June 18, 2019 / By Ariadne
Question: This is what I do. We visit the old grave yards and talk about family history, take and preserve old photos, have genealogy books and records--some are accounts of family reunions. I have also took the grandkids and children when they were younger to the old home places of our families and told them the stories of things that happened there. Nothing like getting glaucoma to fire me up even
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Zalmon Zalmon | 5 days ago
Keeping a journal, and everything else you have just mentioned just about covers it. So you are doing the write things. Some people make quilts out of old baby clothes. They use/make drawings & paintings.Some people plant trees and there are a host of other creative ways to record family history.
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Sib Sib
If you want the history of your family to continue then it is very wise to be doing these things you have mentioned. Many times we put off doing this and some day when we are gone we have people wishing that information had been preserved for them. Fortunately I have a good memory of questions I asked in my childhood which have enabled me to get a decent family tree organized. Visiting the cemeteries give us names but we also need to have the written records for future generations.
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Odran Odran
If you want your family history to be remembered a certain way, you have to write it down. Write a simply family history -- you can begin it by saying, "This is what I was told about our family history when I was growing up....." -- and attach a list of family members and descendants. Include their full names, birthdates, birth locations, spouses, children and whatever other identifying information you know about them. Include their occupations, hobbies, education, etc. -- whatever you know about them. Talk about their achievements, the countries they came from, and any other information you may have. Then sign and date your history and give copies to your family members. They'll come up with additional information and you can add that, too. Don't wait for someone else to write it all down. If you are the one who is interested, you should do it.
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Larry Larry
My mom used to take us to the graves of our grand father and uncle, who died when she was a yung girl. My gram and mom used to also tell stories of family members. My gram started doing geneolagy alont time ago, but I think her notes were lost after she passed a way. I've moved 3000 miles from my home town, but tell stories to my kids. We also enjoy hearin my moms stories. I keep telling her she needs to write things down, but she keeps forgetting. I think its important to preserve those memories though. Ive taken lots of pics of my daughter as a baby till now, and keep photo albums to show the kids when they are older
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