How do you deal with anger towards dog?

How do you deal with anger towards dog? Topic: How do you deal with anger towards dog?
June 18, 2019 / By Alphonsine
Question: I have a dog that I didn't want but ended up having to take care of him because nobody else was going to and he was going to be put in a shelter. I potty trained him, started waking up 5am to exercise with him, control when I feed him, got him all the shots and heartworm medicine, pick up ANY MESS on the floor, and even took him to a dog boot camp type thing. I have anger issues because of my past and do see a therapist. I have generally controlled my anger problems well and have changed quite a bit. The problem is that my dog chews on everything he's not supposed to. EVEN if I get him a new toy. I tried EVERYTHING, including spraying vinegar, crate punishment, etc. I am working towards my doctorate degree and I am already stressed, and I don't know how to deal with him. He ate my brand new expensive rug today and tore it apart while I was doing some homework. I was so angry that I hit him. I didn't hit him to the point where he was actually in pain but more scared him and yelled at him. I felt horrible because you can tell he was very scared. After like 15 minutes he was normal and wanted to play, but I don't want to hit him again. Should I give him up for adoption or are there any tips to prevent him from chewing things? Someone recommended I use a dog mouthguard that doesn't let him chew, but that would prevent him from even playing with his toys. What would you do? And you can call me a terrible person if you want, but that won't solve the issue.
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Van Van | 9 days ago
First off, let me just say you did a great thing taking in this dog and taking such great care of him. It's obvious you didn't mean to hurt him, and your patience with him is actually better than most people I've worked with. Excessive chewing is often a sign of boredom in dogs, especially puppies. What I would recommend are durable rubber kong toys with the treats in them (you can stick whatever your pup likes in there for when you can't supervise his behavior), as well as treat puzzles where he has to push it around to get the goodies inside. I would also recommend a good hard workout for him everyday. I know you mentioned exercising him but some high energy dogs require several workouts a day, or at least one 4 mile walk. Now, I know it's hard for someone with a heavy workload to give a dog all that activity, so there are some options. A tie out zip line so the dog can run around longer than what a regular leash would allow is a great option. If your pup plays well with other dogs bringing him to the dog park a couple times a week to run around and play will do him a lot of good. Swimming is a great exercise if you can get him to do that. Agility training is a fantastic physical and mental workout for the dog, and you can do this once a week when you find the time. You can even do it at home! Just create an obstacle course out of whatever you see fit (in my class we use plungers with pool noodles on them as flags to weave around, chairs, couch cushions, etc). Get creative with it! Lead your dog through the course with a treat, and use commands such as up, down, in, out, and around to get him thinking. High energy dogs really do test your patience and creativity, but you aren't alone there! It's okay to get frustrated now and then, and I'm sure puppy will forgive you. If all of this seems like too much to add on your plate, then I would recommend surrendering him to a home that can meet his needs. There's nothing wrong with that option, and you both will be happier. Whichever decision you make, I hope it brings you peace of mind. Good luck on the doctorate!
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Roman Roman
You have to closely supervise a dog or put him someplace where he can do no damage and not harm himself if you are unable to supervise him. Maybe you have a friend who likes the dog and could walk and play with him while you are studying. There are also dog daycares, professional dog walkers, covered dog runs, friends who jog and might take the dog along (in early morning or after sundown), and other people who might want to teach the dog a lot of silly tricks for fun...anything to keep the dog occupied. When you get angry, do as everyone else does. Leave the room. Take deep breaths. Put the dog in the yard or run. Don't punish the dog. Punishment only teaches a dog to be afraid of you and actually slows down the learning process. Take a walk around the block. Play your favorite music. Exercise. Work off those angry feelings. Get rational and calm again. Then deal with it. Please keep in mind that the dog could not be chewing things up without the opportunity to do so. You can shut doors, use baby gates, crate the dog, put the dog in the run or fenced yard, stow things in the attic or basement if you have such spaces. It's not the dog's fault that he has the opportunity to chew things. YOU are in charge and if the dog chews something up, it is because you allowed it to happen. This is one of the hardest things to learn about dog ownership for most people but it's true. The dog is just acting like a normal dog. He doesn't understand not to chew things when the opportunity is there. Young dogs don't have long attention spans and bored dogs will create their own "games." If your anger is really getting bad and the dog is making it very difficult for you to study, there are dog rescues for every sort of breed or mix, in every state. Most purebred rescues take in dogs that are part that breed (or look as if they are). You can find dog rescues online. Then start calling until you find one to take this dog. Rescues are run by volunteers who keep the dogs in their own homes and work with the dogs until suitable homes are found. If the dog is spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped and if you can make even a small donation, it will help get this dog into a rescue.
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Mitchell Mitchell
Your not a terrible person you have been very honest and with the many puppies I have reared there have been times when I have wanted to scream and rip my own hair out because you feel that there is no way they will ever get through this puppy phase of eating your house and driving you nuts! My sister in-law asked me to find her a puppy and I found her everything she asked for, she is now an avid dog lover (she wanted a dog but was a cat person) she said she did not realize the effort that actually goes into having a dog, Many people see a puppy as cute and lovely but then realize that they struggle when they eat your house and , p*ss and crap everywhere (not so cute then!) She said to me "I loved Cassie being a cute puppy but..." and this is where I said "You don't miss the puppy years do you." she said no, and then asked me if that was a bad thing. I said it was not because I was glad when the puppy years were over in all of my dogs. I look back fondly and regale many a tale where Harry bear ate through a dry wall (It was not funny at the time!) You have stated that you have anger issues and a very full schedule and it would be a shame to say to you "Well you are a crap person" because you have stated the anger issues and that you are seeking help for this and it is apparent that you have tried many things before losing your temper. In general I am guessing the dog is not a new thing to you because of everything you have said you have done so regardless of losing your temper on this occasion you should be pretty proud of yourself for coping the way you have for as long as you have many others would have used the dog as a punch bag to deal with the rage they feel within. Dogs show unconditional love regardless of what you do to them and that is a very sad fact of life a person can physically abuse a dog to some very serious extents and the dog will still be always happy to see them wagging its tail. What you really have to ask yourself is do you really have time for a dog in your life right now? Is the chewing possibly because you do not have the time for your dog with such a busy schedule? You have stated that you did not really want the dog you have but took the dog on because you worried about its future and to me that shows you have compassion and so are not a bad person at all. Is it likely that your dog is acting the way he is because you are not able to give him the time he needs? You have also said no to a mouth guard because he would not be able to play with his toys (you know it is cruel) So how can anyone say you are a bad person? If you really don't have the time a dog needs then you do have to consider letting him go because the chewing may be due to a lack of stimulation. You have done very well in my eyes to raise this dog from the basics to where you are now but sometimes especially when you knew you were not ready for a dog to begin with you need to let him go because it is not fair on you or your dog, its likely he will find a home that can give him the attention he needs that sadly you are not able to give at this time. It sucks to admit defeat, and its hard to let go of something you love but sometimes its better for both parties if you can because you will both have a better life. I don't think your a horrible person at all.
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Kameron Kameron
Thankyou so much for taking this dog in, that's such a wonderful thing that you've done and although its completely wrong to hurt a dog, dogs are very forgiving so please forgive yourself for this and just see that it never happens again. I used to get angry at my dogs also, especially when the first one was a puppy as she could be quite naughty and annoying. However, then someone said to me "Your dog is just a chapter in your life, but to her, you are the whole world", and that's true- it really made me realise how important I am to her and now, every time one of my dogs irritates me or does something naughty I just think of this and it helps me handle the situation in a productive manner as opposed to how I handled it before, by just being angry and shouting. I find a good way to stop my youngest dog from being naughty (chewing things/taking food that I've left on the side) is to firmly and relatively loudly say "No!", he usually gets the message and if he repeats the action in a short space of time (say within the next hour) I repeat the response and then isolate him in a room away from the other dog and I for about 10 minutes.
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Haven Haven
Hi There! I won't call you a terrible person, dogs are like children and sometimes they can be disobedient. But you have to simplify the situation, your dog is a dog and when he chews something he does not understand he is doing wrong. As a result of you hitting and shouting at him has made him learn nothing because he does not understand and he's probably just lost trust in you now and would be scared but in no way is he relating to being slapped to chewing your mat. My advice would be take time out of your day and just watch your dog a lot what he does around the house. If you see he's about to chew something clap your hands loudly and say firmly "NO!", guaranteed the noise from your clap and the firmness of your voice will distract the dog from his bad behaviour. If he continuous then be persistent with it , you have to be patient with your dog they only have the mentality equal to a 2 year old child. Just stay calm and teach your dog in a non violent manner. Good luck!
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