How do you feel about rich main characters?

How do you feel about rich main characters? Topic: How do you feel about rich main characters?
June 18, 2019 / By Aneta
Question: And I don't mean old corporate business sharks in their retirement who have earned every penny, but like teenagers or young people who just so happen to conveniently have some rich aunt who just lets them coast through life? Does that seem unrealistic to you? As long as the character isn't snobbish, but they are normal and surrounded by all this cool stuff, would that awe you, or would you feel like that luxury is some fantasy for the author? I always just think it's far fetched if the novel features a 19 year old lottery winner, playing the poor little rich kid as they struggle with the main arc of the story. Do you think it would seem more realistic to have a young kid, living on their own for some reason, who is struggling with money problems? Or do you think including a thing like that would put a damper on the escapism of a book, adding real life problems that nag at the reader and perhaps hit a little too close to home, making them jump through the ceiling with each little reminder of their own lives? How much would it matter to you if a book you liked, any old urban fantasy perhaps, featured a main character who had a hard life? Would you enjoy it less than if that character didn't have to worry about such things as bills and work and household repairs and children? Or would such things only be a distraction from the relationships and action? I'm asking because the story I'm planning on the side of writing another story could feature a young girl living on her own really rich in a nice place, or I could give her the harder job by making money just another obstacle she has to deal with. It'll be a sort of subtle coming of age novel where she's learning to live without her parents, but that is more of an undertone than the true plot, don't get me wrong. I'm leaning more towards making her struggle because it just seems more realistic, and I know it all comes down to what I want and what I like, but what do you think? Which would you prefer? Sorry for the babble... enjoy, I suppose? Kisses all around Bye x
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Wilbur Wilbur | 4 days ago
Well I think the lottery winner idea is cool, go for it. But personally I hate that most the tv shows on right now are all about Rich kids and their glorious lives. I hate that none of the characters have anything to worry about except who their next boyfriend is going to be. I remember watching Rosanne back in the day , and I could relate a lot better to a family of 3 struggling to make ends meet but still being a family. A family that fought a lot, but still loved each other. I feel like characters now have no depth and have no worries. Characters now, in tv and in novels seem to have nothing to have no finical worries and that isn't very relateable to anyone in the real world. Even the kids that are supposed to be middle class in stories are always wearing the best in fashion, Jimmy Choo, Valentino, Gucci ect and I always think, how could they afford that?! People love characters they can relate to, so if their going to be rich they need be someone you can relate to in some way. Sorry about my babbling as
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Sanford Sanford
It depends. If the character is apparently rich solely so that the author can indulge his/her own wish fulfilment fantasies about the cool life they'd secretly like to lead themselves, and for no other reason, then it's irritating. Some materialistic people like to read about very rich teens because they just want to drool over the references to flash cars and designer clothes, but most people find that irritating after a while if there's no good plot-related reason for it. However, if there's a good reason for the character to be rich in order for the plot to work - for instance, if a job would get in the way of whatever they have to do in the story, or they need to be able to travel abroad and stay in hotels at short notice, or the plot is related specifically to the fact that they are rich, it's fine. A good example is Nick Hornby's 'About A Boy'. The main character in that is sufficiently well enough not to have to work, because he lives off the royalties from a popular Christmas song that his father wrote. If he had to work, most of the rest of the story wouldn't actually be able to happen as he simply wouldn't have been present for most of the incidents in the plot if he'd had a job, and he couldn't have played the same role in the story if he hadn't have had quite a bit of money.
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Nat Nat
Key word: "conveniently". If them having lots of $$$ for them to spend indulgently is a major part of the plot and the author's not Cecily von Ziegesar, I'm probably not interested. Extravagant ways of spending money are not exactly plot material, and it really just sounds like wish-fulfillment on the part of the author. I wouldn't be bothered by it if it's a detective story and the money acts as crime-bait or is somehow involved in other dirty stuff, or if the wealth is kept within reasonable limits and the author doesn't make a big deal out of it. I don't mind the negative characters being rich, though.
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Kermit Kermit
I don't particularly like books with filthy-rich teens as the main characters. They are not very realistic and are becoming a bit of a cliche these days, considering the amount of young adult books about rich and popular girls on their way to becoming famous, etc. I think that it would be good for your character to struggle, it would make a more interesting story. But don't make her a rich brat who suddenly has to move into a filthy cellar, that isn't realistic. You should just make her a normal girl, moving into a normal home but struggling with the money etc. However, as it is a side plot don't over-do it, just try to blend it in to the main plot, whatever that may be. I hope this made sense to you!! Good luck on writing the story!!
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Howard Howard
I do not see a problem with rich main characters. It is perfectly ok to make them whatever you make them to be like, given that they are believable and well-written. I think it can be quite interesting to have a rich main character as long as you can handle writing about it and sounding interesting. However, writing about a poor/average person may be boring and drag if you have to always come up with explanations about their financial struggles or the manual tasks they have to go through. On th eother hand, you can approach having a rich character as a deus-ex machina: they can easily find solutions to various problems, they have personal freedom and do not have to worry about many everyday problems, yet they have their unique responsibilities and concerns. About your proposed topics: A rich heir, living on their own would have people to take care for dishes, laundry and so on and would also build interesting relationships with those people. Such a character would not have to work to earn money, but would do so in order to keep in touch with other people. They would have to come in terms with growing up by not identifying themselves with being rich, but self-developing in various ways. I would say it could be interesting, so go for it. Good luck.
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