How Do You Find The Square Root of 18?

How Do You Find The Square Root of 18? Topic: How Do You Find The Square Root of 18?
June 24, 2019 / By Adelicia
Question: Please Help Me I'm Going My Summer Math Homework And I Forgot How To Fin Square Root. Could Any Of You Guys Help Me Find The Square Root of 18 and Explain It Dont Just Give Me The Answer THANK YOU GUYS!
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Teague Teague | 2 days ago
Dear Jay, I'll be happy to explain square roots (the basics) to you. Basically, a square root is the number that is squared. You are finding the square root of the number that was multiplied. First, you need to know perfect squares: Square root of 1 is 1. Square root of 4 is 2. Square root of 9 is 3. Square root of 16 is 4. Square root of 25 is 5. Square root of 36 is 6. Square root of 49 is 7. Square root of 64 is 8. Square root of 81 is 9. Square root of 100 is 10. Stop and think, why did I do this? It will really help out. Think about this: when you multiply 1 by 1 (which is 1 squared), you get 1. When you multiply 2 by 2 (2 squared), you get 4. 3 squared is 9. So, when you square a number, the answer will always be a perfect square. No two WHOLE NUMBERS can be squared to get 18 as an answer, so this is where you need a calculator. So going back to the chart, 18 is inbetween 16 and 25. Square root of 16 is 4 (because 4 times 4 is 16), and the square root of 25 is 5 (5 times 5 is 25). For the exact answer, you will need a calculator (even though you could round, I'll show you later). I put it in my calculator and got 4.24264068. This would be rounded to 4. If the question tells you to round to the nearest WHOLE NUMBER, then you don't need a calculator. Let's try another question: find the square root of 24, but round to the nearest whole number. First, find what perfect squares it is inbetween, which is 16 and 25. Since the square root of 16 is 4, and the square root of 25 is 5, then our answer would be 5. It would be 5 since 24 is closer to 25 than it is to 16. However, you can only use this method when it says to give an answer to the nearest whole number. Remember that whole numbers don't have decimals, when an number has decimals, it is then considered a rational number. Good luck with the rest, -XLBC-
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Phallu Phallu
The square root of 18 is a never-ending decimal number. So all you can do is simplify(reduce) the radical. Because 3 * 3 * 2 = 18, that means that 3√2 is the same as √18 So your simplified answer is: 3√2 The best way to get good at this is just to memorize your multiplication table.
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Lyndon Lyndon
Most people use a calculator You'd ask yourself , "What 2 same numbers when multiplied together give me 18? YOu know 4x4 = 16 and 5x5 = 25 so it's in between there somewhere. 4.2426.........
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