How do you guys get over writers block?

How do you guys get over writers block? Topic: How do you guys get over writers block?
June 26, 2019 / By Sondra
Question: I'm writing a novel...I know exactly what I want to put in it...and I STILL get writer's block. How do you guys get over it?
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Poppy Poppy | 3 days ago
Pure self-discipline. Writer's block is just the fear of not being good enough. You know what to write, but you're not sure exactly how to make it perfect, so you don't put anything down at all. Accept that it doesn't matter if it's not perfect. In fact, it doesn't matter if it's absolute rubbish. The important thing is to make progress, get the creative juices flowing, record your story the best you can in all its imperfect glory... And THEN come back and edit it until it's perfect. The practice you've had writing that first draft will make you a better writer by the time you come back to edit, and you'll be that much more familiar with your settings, plot, characters, tone and style as well. All first drafts are bad. But bad writing is better than no writing, so open that empty document and start putting words on it. Maybe it would also help you to plan your story out a little bit so you know where you're headed and how you're going to get there. Stories follow a certain structure, and knowing that structure will keep you on track and keep your story's momentum up. See my answer here for the important elements of structure:;... Good luck!
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Poppy Originally Answered: Help I have writers block.?
Usually writers block comes from not having enough information OR worrying about perfection because you are trying to write a finished paper without editing. If you don't have enough information, talk to people who are 35-60 years old. They were young when the current technologies were just beginning. I was teaching in 1984 when our schools received the first Apple 2e computers--no hard drive--just a disk-reader and everything stored on multiple 5-inch floppy-disks. Talk to people or go to the library and read tech magazines 1977-1997. Note your sources for bibliography. If your blockage is getting started: Start with whatever you are ready to write about. The end, the middle, some details or the beginning. Writing on computer allows you to write whatever you are ready to write. Then revise, edit, rearrange sentences and paragraphs--apply your writing skills and craft after you finished the first draft. Good luck!

Maudie Maudie
I'm writing a book too. What Helps me is to stop. Then I sit down for half an hour and grab some random book off my bookshelf. I don't really read to copy their ideas, but to see the different style of writing they use. I look at how the characters react to the problem and how they try to solve it and then I stop to think of how my writing looks like. After taking a thirty minute break and reading other peoples books, it helps me see my writing in a different way and see any mistakes I can fix or what I can add. I also pretend to be another person and as I reread it, i think to myself "what will happen next in the story and what would hold my attention, would I actually be interested in a book like this etc..." I read it as if it were a finished copy. If you are writing it on the computer, is there some kind of preview you can use to do that with? I use zoho writer (on the internet,) and use the "print preview" this is also good because if something happens to your computer, it would be lost. but if you use an online word "thingy" (ahaha i don't know what to call it) then you can always have it somewhere safe...i just thought i'd add that)..... then I think about "WHAT IF THIS BOOK WAS MADE INTO A MOVIE"? I used cap locks to stress this because this is the main thing I do. I think about each scene in my head as if I was watching it on a big screen. I see the characters in detail (appearance, the voice, attitude etc.) I start playing in my head, all the possibilities the story can go into, what are the characters really like (because the 2nd most important thing in a book are characters. If you don't have very well developed characters or if they seem a bit to fake or phony, then it wouldn't be very good. People read books-not only for the story/plot-but the characters and how they can personally relate to them). then when I get the slightest idea of what I might want to write next, I think to myself "what would happen and how would this scene play out if it was in real-life?" pretend to be the characters in the story and what they will do next in a certain situation.... .....and what I also personally do is: 1. playing classical piano music (just something about it clears my mind and gets my mind thinking creatively) 2. I paint or draw. 3. I write a poem. 4. I play crossword puzzles or play other word games (this actually gets me thinking of more intelligent sounding words to use other than one with a regular-dull-vocabulary might) 5. I read a dictionary (all the words I read might give me some keywords to what might or could come next in a story.) 6. I write out( before I even start writing at all) a detailed summary of what will happen in a chapter and then another paragraph on what could happen next. .....and this is what I do when I write a book...... EDIT: ahaha someone 'thumbs downed' my answer cuz they know I'm right lol....but really I'll be laughing when I'm famous for my book because of these techniques and they're still nobody's....besides this is how I do things, if they don't like it, they don't need to follow my advice or even bother with my answer....*sigh* Yes, I need help with my anger, so don't bother telling me :P....
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Latanya Latanya
Maybe take a break from it or I find discussing it with someone else can help, it just helps clear things in your brain by putting it into words. Also I would say don't get to caught up in making your writing perfect the first time you write it, just focus on getting the ideas accross because I personally think it's much easier to go back and edit even if some of the sentences make you cringe because its much easier when you have something to work with than just staring at a blank page. Hope this helps and goodluck ^^
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Jessi Jessi
I don't write novels, but I write all styles of music and I realized that when I try too hard and push for new ideas, I overthink it and it doesn't come natural and just doesn't sounds appealing. I usually take a break from music completely and then come back to it when I am in a good mood and I usually get these feelings of inspiration and when I do I use the moment to write. Of course your mood will effect what will come out. Try to relax and just let things unravel more slowly. I also find that going on a vacation to a beautiful and quiet place can also lead to great inspiration. Good luck!
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Flossie Flossie
Skip the scene you're stuck on and get to a part you're excited to write. I often skip boring dialogue scenes in which information is exchanged because that's when I get writer's block. Instead I write a love scene or an action scene no matter where I am in the story and piece it in later. If you just can't write one more word, read other books in your genre or reread your previous chapters and edit.
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Flossie Originally Answered: Writers Block!?
look here it is only human to share our ideas, i don't mind if i tell you my ideas cause your way of seeing it will be surely different from mine what would happen if those who invented things will ask us not to use their stuff?since when it's a crime to inspire?don't forget that others paid the painters to make them portrets if they would have said no, thanks, you're just using my face nature is best inspiration source let me think and i'll come back with an idea this a novel or an idea or fantasy world that no one has ever thought of before is not coming perhaps once a century , so be sure that it will not come from here gee, your question is very demanding I just thought to all sort of books and movies and it looks like everything was written before you could try something new,but what do you mean by realistic fiction, give me one example, come back with details

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