How do you stick to a diet?

How do you stick to a diet? Topic: How do you stick to a diet?
June 19, 2019 / By Tessie
Question: I'm starting a diet tomorrow. [I'm 18, btw] By eating completely healthy and working out. I wanna lose 10 pounds. I'm not fat, I only weigh 112 pounds [I am short though], but I have chub in some places where I don't want it. I'm looking to gain more muscle and lose the fat. But I find it SO hard to stick to a diet. My family doesn't eat the healthiest and there is always junk food [chips, candy, donuts, cookies, etc] And it makes it so impossible to stick to a diet. I wanna stay motivated and get to my goal. Any tips? And also what are some yummy but also healthy snacks/meals. And how many calories should I eat a day? Thanks :D
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Rosalyn Rosalyn | 8 days ago
The best way to stick to a diet is by staying far away from food avoid going by the kitchen or downstairs you'll easily get tempted and doing something to take off your mind of it like for me watching anime,doing homework and studying, reading,hanging outside,
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Morgen Morgen
Different diets work for different people and it all depends on your metabolism, your build, your eating habits and how much exercise you get. You say you're not happy with your figure, are you actually over weight? Losing pounds when you're fairly slim will be harder. I have managed to drop 3 dress sizes in the last 2 years but it has taken time and most significantly a change in habit and lifestyle. Firstly you need to understand why you're gaining weight. In my case, it was mainly portion sizes and not fully appreciating how many calories I was eating vs what I was burning off. I was in reality eating far more than I needed and more than I used to which is why I started gaining weight. By cutting down portion sizes, and removing heavily processed foods, especially carbs, from your diet, losing weight is a lot easier. Try eating food like soup which is low in fat but also filling. Healthly eating doesn't have to be all salads either, rather changing the balance of meals. So if you're eating something like spaghetti bolognaise, try having half the amount of pasta and put some veg or salad on the side. If nothing else, keep up regular exercise. No matter how slim you get, without exercise your body wont be toned and you may still be unhappy with your shape. walk whenever possible, keeping up a brisk pace so your heart rate is up and try and find a sport or club you enjoy and maybe share with friends. Putting aside 20 mins in the morning or when you get in in the evening to do some toning exercises and stretches can be very effective as well. Good luck.
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Liza Liza
Ok, dieting is hard within to days society. First i would educate myself about food, as not all food is bad. Secondly stay away from anything thing that says diet on it, these products make you eat more. Drink a glass of water at least half an hour before you eat, this will help you to eat less. Go watch this video as there is great if not good information in it. As to how many calories, well that's up to how much exercise you do, so if you eat a Mc D for instance which is loaded with calories, it will take you hours to burn that off. Eat fruit and nuts as snacks and then try to be inventive with foods you like. k
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Karla Karla
I am always watching my weight and what i found that helps me the most when i have huge cravings is to chew gum..i know it sounds stupid but it actually takes away the urge of eating..goodluck
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Harriett Harriett
I would say it would be best to slowly change over to it. That way your body and mind won't notice the change and won't fight it.
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