How does American high school work?

How does American high school work? Topic: How does American high school work?
June 24, 2019 / By Alexia
Question: I doing a essay on how the American school system works, but i can't find out anything about high school. When do you start high school Whats the difference between junior high, high school and senior high When do you first get grades Whats does a school day for you consist off how much freedom have you got (can you choose with clases to attend? Thx:)
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Tybalt Tybalt | 2 days ago
Well one issue you’ll face in this report is there is no school system of the United States. The federal government, despite tampering with it all the time, does little to actually control schools. That responsibility is primarily left to state and local levels. So literally there is more than one correct answer to these questions. That being said, here are my answers to your questions: 1. High school is typically defined as the ninth grade (~14-15 years old) though the twelfth grade (~17-18 years old). 2. High school is usually defined at the last four grades of the primary education (ninth through twelfth grades as mentioned above). However that does not mean it is in the same school. A junior high (which does not exist in all US school systems) in my community was grades seven through nine. So my last year in junior high has “high school”. Then again the same community has since moved the ninth grade to the high school (or senior high school) building and converted the junior high to a middle school (grades six though eight). Ultimately junior high, middle school, elementary school, and senior high school are just names suggesting the general grade level (first through twelve is pretty universal for US schools) that the school teaches. 3. I’m a bit rusty (I’m in my late twenties so I’ve been out of public primary education for about a decade), but I believe letter grades first started for me in the third or forth grade. 4. Not in school. 5. My eleventh and twelfth grade years provided significant freedom on course work. I believe I was around 70% choices on at that point. Prior to that there was not much choice (I’d say about 30%).
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Tybalt Originally Answered: What is an American high school really like ?
My life consists of a boring pile of homework and essays aren't alone. My high school doesn't have a group that is that snobby and stuck up. I think the movies dramatize the different social groups too much. People usually just end up in groups depending upon their interests.

Rickey Rickey
High school starts in the fall around the end of august. Most students are 14 when they start. Jr. High is 6th, 7th and 8th grade. It is the start of having different teachers for different subjects. High school is 9-12th grade. there isn't a senior high. from 12th grade you graduate and go on to college/university grades come out mid semester and the end of the semester (aug-mid january- then january - june) My daughter school is on the block system which is not the norm here. They have four classes a day and each semester of a class counts as one year credit for college. (so one semester of calculus counts as one year of her math requirement) School starts at 7:30 and is out at 3:00. any college bound student is going to need 4 years of english 3 years of math 3 years of science with 2 of a lab 2 years of history and 2 years of a foreign language. Your electives you can choose. some my daughter has had are orchestra forensics astronomy german physics calculus
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Merle Merle
Okay, in my area, and generally in most/all American schools, this is how the education works. Typically, one may attend pre-school, which is just a preliminary daycare sort of thing children take around ages 5 or 6. Then there's ELEMENTARY school. It's becoming more common for elementary schools to teach kindergarten - 4th grade students. kindergarten: 5-7 years old 1st grade: 6-7 2nd grade: 7-8 3rd grade: 8-9 4th grade: 9-10 ------------------------- Then, middle school (or often times called "junior high") comes in, where the student transfers to 5th grade. 5th grade: 10-11 6h grade: 11-12 (this is when a student goes from "primary education (kindgarten-6th grade) to "secondary education (7th grade-high school), however, these are just terms, the child doesn't go anywhere new, it's just how the two sets of education are organized) 7th grade: 12-13 8th grade: 13-14 --------------------------------------... (senior) high school is next. high school is the most important, you learn all the necessary most essential for post-secondary education (college, etc.) High school is also the four years in which colleges examine your grades and transcripts to see if you're credible or not to be accepted. 9th grade (freshman year) 10th grade (sophomore year) 11th grade (junior year) 12th grade (senior year)--last year of high school/necessary education ---------------------- After a student graduates 12th grade/senior year, they're finished. however, nowadays, it's nearly impossible to get a decent/well-regarded job without attending college. therefore, students must do well in high school in order for colleges to accept them. students apply to colleges during the end of their junior year and throughout their senior year. students also take a national standardized test called the SATs. the score a student earns on that determines their reading, writing, and mathematical proficiency, and is a very important value for whether or not colleges will find them good enough. Hope some of this helped!
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Jonty Jonty
im in high school! im actually in math class right now, ahah :) i started school early, so im one of the youngest in my class. the difference, to me, between junior high and senior high, is pretty much the level of difficulty, and what you learn.. i didnt start getting letter grades until, i think, third or fourth grade. a school day for me consist of 2 core classes (english, math, history, or science) and 2 electives (gym, health, med science, marketing & tons more) we, or i, get to choose which classes i attend, a career pathway.. pretty much everything. :D
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Jonty Originally Answered: if i attend high school online, will i be able to work at my own pace?
Almost all online high schools let you work at your own pace. You should see if there are any cyber charter schools in your state. These schools are like public high schools, but online. You will have access to guidance counselors and I'm sure if you needed forms signed, you could email, fax, scan and email, or just mail the forms and they would be happy to help. Read this first: Here's some info about cyber charter schools: And here's the list of cyber charter schools. click on your state. or: Make sure your school is accredited! And go to this page for any more info you need. It has tons of links. Make sure you do a lot of research before choosing an online school. You want to find a school that you will have success in. It is possible to graduate earlier since you work at your own pace. I am currently enrolling for online high school for the 2009-2010 school year. My school is block scheduled, which means you will have 3 to 4 classes per semester. However, if you work at a very fast pace and can finish all of your work in the first 9 weeks (half of a semester) then you can take 3-4 more courses in the first semester. This way, you will be able to complete two grades in one year. This is what I'm going to try to do. Good luck ;) I hope you find the right school!

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