How does anime depict Japanese life?

How does anime depict Japanese life? Topic: How does anime depict Japanese life?
June 24, 2019 / By Taylor
Question: I appreciate all answers. you do not have to type a novel, a few examples and reasons are fine. I have to write a 12 page explanatory research paper for my ENG 102 class, I want to do it on anime and how it depicts japanese life. I know i can fill 12 pages with that. So if you can just give me some examples that would be very helpful to me. also, if you know of any links to website that may help me out more, please post it! thanks
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Robynne Robynne | 2 days ago
Well anime depicts a lot of things about Japanese culture. Anime has themes that revolve around either: traditions, Confucianism, war, education and some other things. Check out: The Complete Guide to Anime Techniques Intro to Japanese Culture by Daniel Sosnoski The Japanese Mind: Understanding Contemporary Japanese Culture by Roger Davies and Osamu Ikeno Hope these help.
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Moll Moll
I would say it depict a good part of it. The architecture of school in the anime for example, is similar with the real one in Japan. Most things shown in anime and manga are in fact in accordance with japanese tradition, although being an animation, there would be some deviation.
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Linnet Linnet
hmmm...most japanese people don't naturally look like that. Well some of them actually try to change their appearances to...LOL Some anime really depict life in japan (people riding bikes, school uniforms, family-oriented, houses, neighborhood structure, etc) But even in the ones that are based on fantasy, you could interpret many cultural expressions behind themes, motifs, values, mythical and human characters, etc. I'd suggest renting a wide range of popular anime and reviewing/comparing them in your paper.
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Kalie Kalie
I have never seen an anime that was true to Japanese life, look at the way the characters are drawn, all the girls have huge eyes and enormous boobs, all the guys look like white americans. Have you ever seen a Japanese girl with huge eyes or boobs? not in a million years will you come across that. so good luck with your report
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i guess i like anime cause its something different from what you see in everyday life. it takes you somewhere else other than your life. Anime characters are usually so perfect looking ya know different from what real people are like, they have perfect skin, perfect weight, perfect clothes, perfect everything unless they're a character thats supposed to look disgusting. Every time my older sister sees me watching Anime or reading a manga she always tells me "get a life" and its so stupid cause i LUV anime and i do have a life other than just anime ( i think she only asks me this because i don't have a boyfriend i mean i've been asked but i refuse to date someone if they don't luv anime or video games. lol) i guess you could say anime is like watching or reading our thoughts or fantasies or something like that. When i watch an anime i really get into it like i was so upset that one of my fav. characters died on Gundam oo that i actually cried (when its one of my fav. characters i cry if they die) and one of my not so close friends told me thats stupid because they're not real but it's fun to be drawn into a different place and imagine (even just for a little bit) that they're real. thats all i can think of right now, hope it helps and i hope your essay goes well ^-^

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