How does Higher Education work in the United States? Details, please.?

How does Higher Education work in the United States? Details, please.? Topic: How does Higher Education work in the United States? Details, please.?
June 24, 2019 / By Stef
Question: Hi there! I'm a 17 year old British citizen who is considering moving to the USA and studying Medicine there. My grades are exceptionally good and yes, I do speak fluent English. However, I have absolutely no idea how higher education works in the United States and I was wondering if someone could detail how the education system works from the age of 18 and above, particularly for those wishing to study medicine. I've looked at a few university websites, and most say that I must first study for one year at a college. In the UK, colleges are for ages 16+ but I understand it's different in the USA. Please help!
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Qiana Qiana | 10 days ago
Since you are not a resident you can shoose to attend a private college or a public one. Either way you will pay from your own funds at the non-subsidized (resident) rates. Since you want to go into medicince its it best to go to a top tier school such as Ohio State, UCLA, Harvard etc. The schools willhave core of studies that all students must take. Then you can slect a major in a field that support medicine - biology; bio-chemistry etc. Medicine is a hard filed to get into. If you have family in Medicine that helps. After the BA/BS degree (undergraduate degree) you will apply to medical schools. Note that many US stduetns go to Mixico for med school and have to take exams to practice in the US. You might want to check into how a US medical gree might be viewd in the UK if that where you want to live. Good medical schools are Ohio Sate and Case Western Reserve School of Medicine in Cleveland Ohio. After medical school you will do a residencyand and internship in a hosptial where you work long hours; learns techniques, and are mentored by an "attending" physician (a liscnesed MD who teaches).
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Qiana Originally Answered: why do many ppl think that jw can not pursue higher education?
Now who ever said that we are forbidden to attend college? Have I missed something? I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses, and right now I currently hold an associates degree in Applied Science, and I am currently pursuing an additional associates degree in Engineering Graphics Design & Drafting. Yes we are warned about the very real dangers of college, such as: bad associations; having to listen to the philosophical and sociological diatribes of teachers; being distracted from spiritual things; and the often great financial debt incurred by attending a major University. (1Corinthians 15:33; Colossians 2:8; Isaiah 30:21; Proverbs 4:25-27; Matthew 13:22; Proverbs 7:8-9; 1Timothy 6:8) If a brother or sister is not in a position to overcome all of these obstacles, then it would naturally be wise for them not to attend. (Proverbs 22:3) But in my case, I was able to overcome most of the bad aspects. I am perfectly comfortable with living alone and do not need friends. The college I am attending is very hands on and technical, so there are no philosophical discussions. I make it my goal to place God's kingdom first in my life, to attend all meetings regularly, to meet for field service regularly and to study God's Word regularly. And, my college is being paid for by scholarships and by my parents, so I am not going into debt at all. I actually think that I have more time for spiritual things in college, because my schedule is so much freer and more flexible than it would be if I had a full time, 40 hour a week job. And because of the skills that I'm learning as a drafter, I've even recently been asked to help create floor plans and fire evacuation plans for my Kingdom Hall. And if they like my work, I'm hoping that someday I'll even be able to use my skills to assist the Regional Building Committee in its projects. So really, attending college is a personal decision that each individual has to weigh and consider the pros and cons of on their own. No one forces the Witnesses to go or not to go.
Qiana Originally Answered: why do many ppl think that jw can not pursue higher education?
It has been repeatedly established that Jehovah's Witnesses can and do attend university, if and when they personally choose to do so. Perhaps the reason some assume that Witnesses cannot attend is because the assumers suffer from a failure of imagination. They cannot imagine that a person with obvious gifts of intellect and talent would choose to use his time and energies for anything but university. Of course, the Bible itself implies that those who prioritize human wisdom over godly wisdom might be confused. .. ..(1 Cor 2:14,15) But a physical man does not receive the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot get to know them, because they are examined spiritually. However, the spiritual man examines indeed all things, but he himself is not examined by any man

Mckenzie Mckenzie
In the US you go on to college/university at the age of 18 after you have graduated high school. College and universities are about the same thing here. You would have to get your Bachelor degree first, which is four years. You would have to choose a major, medicine is not a major at this point. You could enter into a pre-med program. You would need excellent grades and a Bachelor degree to apply to medical school. You would have to take the MCAT,which is a standardized test. Your medical training would be another 6 years at least. Go to a college web site and look under undergraduate admission, then international student. Be sure to check out tuition and room and board prices. It can vary greatly here.
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Laurine Laurine does this cover your specifics? also see: or
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Laurine Originally Answered: Will somebody out there tell me if there is a way to get out of the United States permanently?
It's pretty much a matter of a work visa and a job. I lived in Japan for three years. I had a green card there and a working visa. I liked it very much, almost didn't come back. And I like living here, too. I just fit pretty well there. Some things I didn't like there, too. I know of a guy who lives in Germany, still has his US citizenship, just established residency there. Check with embassies of different nations. Check the news and the CIA World Factbook to see what conditions you might want to consider. Check out some forums on the web about living in various countries. Yes, it's most definitely possible. You just have to do your homework to get to the permanent part. Other countries want stable residents just like the US does. That's all. Find somewhere you might like to go, or you could end up with the same problem you have now. Do some traveling. See the world. It changed my outlook on the world. It changed my outlook on being here. I'd love to go back out. I'll probably always come back. Okay, I'll shut up now. Edit: No, you don't have to turn in your passport. You never have to stop being a citizen of the US. You just have to have to proper permissions to live in the country you choose. Edit #2: Am I the only one speaking from actual experience here? Geez, folks, there's a WORLD out there. You can be an American and still take part. How many of you have moved to another state because your hometown was not what you wanted? You don't necessarily hate everything about your hometown. You just don't want to be there. We're talking about the same thing, just on the scale of nations rather than towns.

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