How great an insight into the right wing mind is this implausible fiction?

How great an insight into the right wing mind is this implausible fiction? Topic: How great an insight into the right wing mind is this implausible fiction?
June 18, 2019 / By Ainslie
Question: In ‘The Fountainhead’, Howard Roark defends himself while on trial for blowing up a public housing project. He offers no defense other than his closing argument in which he explains to the jury he considers them worthless ‘mooching’ parasites ‘looting’ the value of his productive actions, he thinks they deserve only to die of starvation and they should do so worshipping him for his heroic titanic powers and expressing their undying gratitude for his greatness with their dying breaths… and the jury is of course so enamored by his speech, they fall in love with him then nullify the trial with a not guilty verdict. My interpretation? The right wing maniac wants to tell everyone else they are worthless, blow up their homes and starve them to death AND… they want gratitude and admiration for it. Does that about sum it up for you? What do you think? Is this the greatest possible insight into the right wing mind? Silas G: You are flat out wrong! Roark plants dynamite in the building and deliberately blows it up. I've read segments of the book, I've read no fewer than two synopses and a dozen reviews, and I saw the movie. That fact is unequivocal and not in dispute by anybody but you. Look again, you're probably looking at a passage where somebody else causes the collapse of a building (or buildings) due to faulty design.
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Best Answers: How great an insight into the right wing mind is this implausible fiction?

Tony Tony | 4 days ago
Yikes. Source of inspiration for the Tim McVeighs out there? Never read Fountainhead. But, if it follows suit with Atlas Shrugged (a laborious read full of extremely verbose political essay diatribes thinly disguised as character dialogue), I think I'll spare myself a few hours/days of my life. Still, in "Shrugged," the heroine shoots a man for being unable to make a decision. Then, she feels no remorse because that man decided to behave "like an animal," choosing to give up his ability to think for himself. Really wonderful ideals to uphold, aren't they? Think of the current rightwing worship of the self-made millionaire. And, their defense of those who gained their wealth through what could only be called 'sociopathic' behavior. They love those guys. They fancy themselves as entrepreneurs that would follow in those footsteps to greatness (no matter who they step on or abuse in the process). And, oddly, many of them say they follow the teachings of Christ. Weird dynamic in that group. Very weird.
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Tony Originally Answered: what are the benefits of an opened mind versus a closed mind?
An open minded person would answer your question to the best of their ability. A closed minded person would think you are trying to get them to do your homework for you and not answer the question. Guess which I am?

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It looks like you haven't read The Fountainhead for yourself, only repeated what someone who didn't like it had to say. That certainly isn't What Rouark said or inferred.
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Mattathiah Mattathiah
Liar. The "them" described are the architects that changed the beautiful building plans, not the residents who would live there.
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Joachim Joachim
it's pretty clear... the right think that they are Gods... that they deserve to be worshiped...and that the 99 percent of Americans are worthless and that they should be able to kill them for whatever reason they deem necessary...(ahem, trayvon)
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Grady Grady
You know -- Lord Earl of Grey or Lord Grey I am not sure -- was GG of Canada and also just happened to be the one to "solve" the native problems in S Africa and New Zealand -- It is believed by oral tradition that the Lord in question placed a record player in the bush and convinced the female shamans of the tribe their god was commanding them to slaughter all their cattle They died of starvation shortly after -- The Lord had "solved" the problem Your not looking at a conservative view point your looking at an owners view point Those at the top who assume the people under them belong to them as so many cattle Cecil Rhodes was given a nation and upon him modern taxation of the work force and the newly initiated wage class was set -- You see how that goes ? Service to the Crown and Empire have many loose fitting definitions -- Sir John Lennon to Lord Black recently stripped of his title for being upitiy and upsetting the monarch for instance But these practical demonstrable pivotal points in history are not on tests or exams any more and the media considers them boring stories no one would be interested in As such the planet continues to roll around in mire squealing about freedom to pay taxes and the right to die for your country and pay off an inter-generational loan taken out on their behalf
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Grady Originally Answered: Do you think there is a witch trial implemented by the right-wing?
I'm fairly certain that if this is a school project, they want your essay to say that the statement is true. However, "witch hunting" is much more prevalent with the left wing. Take Christine O'Donnell for example. How can anyone take a comment as banal as that she dabbled in witch craft (for a whole week was it?) in her youth and try to destroy her implying that she is a practicing witch? The left is ridiculous. They can't go after candidates on the issues so they resort to fear tactics which are absolutely ridiculous. Look at what they did to Sarah Palin when she ran on the ticket with McCain. She got more scrutiny as a VP candidate than Obama got as the presidential one. As far as McCarthy like accusations go, the right doesn't need to hunt these people down, the Socialist Party of America did that for them when they announced, in their October 2009 newsletter, that 70 Congressional democrats currently belonged to their caucus. When people, like you've mentioned above point out the facts, it is called witch hunting.

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