How hard is AP Calculus AB?

How hard is AP Calculus AB? Topic: How hard is AP Calculus AB?
June 26, 2019 / By Acton
Question: I'm going into my senior year, and I'm taking AP Calc AB. I've heard that this class can be difficult, but that the teacher at my school is awesome. I'm okay at math, although it's certainly not my favorite subject. My freshman year, I struggled with honors geometry. My sophomore year, I got A's both semesters of Algebra II/Trig. This past year (my junior year), I got high B's both semesters of honors precalculus. So any tips for AP Calc? This is the first AP math class I've taken and I'm just a little apprehensive.
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Stacy Stacy | 5 days ago
It's good that you have some history with precalculus! I'm not a math person so I can sympathize. Truthfully, AP Calc AB isn't that bad. I just had a crappy teacher who never explained anything but it's generally self explanatory. Just do all your homework on time and don't slack off!!!! Math isn't an easy subject (for me) and as long as you keep up with your work and ask your teacher/tutors for help, it should be ok. Your math skills seem pretty good and I think you have a strong foundation. Good luck!!!:)
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Stacy Originally Answered: Is Calculus a hard high school course?
calculus is a hard class period, regardless of whether or not you aced your previous math classes. Calculus involves a new thought process and actually requires you to understand what is going on and why its happening like that. As long as you do the homework, and ask questions you should be fine. And calculus is not necessary for university, its certainly preferred, but i did pre-calc and AP stats in highschool for junior and senior year respectivelly and i still got into university for civil engineering. although i wish i would have done it in highschool because its super frickin hard in college

Prudence Prudence
It's hard. I'm not going to lie. At first, it will be easy, simple to figure out. But it will get harder. The AP test is ridiculous though. Terribly difficult (I managed to scrape up a 4 and I studied for hours on end -- math is my easiest subject but this was crazy hard). Don't stress about the test, work hard on paying attention. Everything you learn at the beginning of the year will help you so much in the more complex stuff. Learn how to do the derivatives correctly from the get go!
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Mayme Mayme
I'm taking that course this year also as a junior. My pre calc teacher says that actual calculus is easier than pre calc so if you did well or ok in it (which you did) then you should be ok in calculus. An awesome teacher always helps too! I think you should be ok if you just try your best and ask for help if you need it. Good luck! :)
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Laurencia Laurencia
Depends on how well you learn/retain the information. There are some people who can easily pass AP Calc, and others who barley pass with a D. It's all in you. But If you don't think you'll be able to perform well, I would say to opt out of taking AP, and just take Pre ap Calc, or Hon Calc. You don't want to fvck a class up, especially not your junior year.
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Laurencia Originally Answered: Should I take Calculus?! PLEASE HELP!?
Colleges like if you take math courses all 4 years. My school offers AP calc AB and BC. BC is only for the Asians and other geniuses, or those without any life after school. But, the ones who take AB even after regular precal still pull off at least a B without many problems. You might have to spend some time after class with homework but in a few weeks I think you will get used to the pacing, in the worst case you can just drop it.

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