How is Music and Art similar?

How is Music and Art similar? Topic: How is Music and Art similar?
June 26, 2019 / By Ahian
Question: Am doing an art project-ish thing and just wanna know how they are similar to each other. I've written this so far - Both music and art have inspired each other over the centuries and both have created a collection of masterpieces. So which is whcih? Is music art? Or is art music? Music IS art. Art IS music. How is music art? music is a form of creative expression, music and lyrics can be interpreted by anyone differently and is a form of expressing individuality and feelings. This is why musicians are called music artists. They are audio artists. Art is music because music is art, simple. Both need creativity. Both have individuality Both are what create society today. Am now stuck D= Have ran outta ideas. Some examples on how each other influence each other would be good. Oh and the whole thing is Cubism AND Music and Art so some stuff of how Cubism is in the Music and Art mix would be helpful although not needed. THANKS!!!
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Susanna Susanna | 3 days ago
Put it this way: Beethoven was the person person to called people "artists" and not "musicians." Why is music art? First of all, art: The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Instead of putting their feelings into paintings and scupltures, composers put their imagination and feelings into their music. That's why some music are so heroic. Look up things like Tchaikosky Piano Concerto No.1....
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Rain Rain
Well music is art, but not all art is not necessarily music think you got that wrong, Music can be structured liken in a rondo or it can free, Why don't you look up different music schemes and measure and music types, you have so much to work with here, you have theme songs, piano, guitar, quatettes, solo, instrumental, sheet music, free verse, gospel, it can go on forever, The rondo is the type of music most modern singers use, its basically a main verse a new verse then the main verse again then a new verse then the main verse again, something like that, its why music now a days is so repetitive,
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