How much would it cost to open an art gallery?

How much would it cost to open an art gallery? Topic: How much would it cost to open an art gallery?
June 19, 2019 / By Abot
Question: My father does photography and we thought about opening an art gallery. How much would it cost to open an art gallery and what would be the monthly expenses? Please and thank you. Let's say in Portland, OR. Let's say I wanted to open a gallery in Portland, OR.
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Sofia Sofia | 10 days ago
HOW.... on .... Earth .... do you expect anyone to tell you that? If you are THAT naive about business, you better just forget the whole idea. A location in a bad area in a small town might cost $500 a month, a shop in a nice area in a larger town might cost over $5000 a month. Then you have operating expenses, which will again vary greatly. You have business license, accountant fees, insurance fees, and how are you planning on working with any displaying artists? How much will you take from any sells? Are you going to charge for wall space? I hope you don't think your Father "doing photography" is going to finance and support this whole thing. This question is simply another variation of the never ending "what do I name my photography business" questions seen on here almost hourly by totally clueless people as pertains to business knowledge. An art gallery is a business much like any other. I suggest you get in some business courses / classes if this is something you want to pursue in the future. steve
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Polly Polly
There are so many factors to consider such as size, location, advertising budget, staff, etc... Here is what I can tell you from what my1,200 sqft gallery cost: Rent $2,900 per month. Utilities: $600 per month Staff: $2,500 per month Advertising $1,500 per month. Misc: book keeping, taxes, etc... $200 per month That works out to $7,700 per month or $90,000 per year. That means if you want to make a living at it, you are going to need to sell close to $150,000 worth of art each year.
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Maud Maud
The same as a bakery without the machinery; it depends on the space and the place. After the most difficult thing is holding it with your sells
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