How to ask a girl out ( girls opinions please)?

How to ask a girl out ( girls opinions please)? Topic: How to ask a girl out ( girls opinions please)?
June 24, 2019 / By Unity
Question: Hey, I'm 14. I really like/love this girl in my school. Problem is, I don't know how she feels about me. I don't want to freak her out or anything by coming on too strongly, but I want her to know that I really do care for her. It will be the first time I've ever asked a girl out and I want to know how to do it, as in what to say. Please help!
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Sarina Sarina | 9 days ago
Well first of all picture that there are many girls who just wish a guy would have the courage to ask them out. I have several daughters, and I know! The easiest is to find something comfortable for both of you. Invite her to a school game....or something you both will probably be going to....or ask her to help you with some homework....something non-threatening...and realize a lot of girls your age aren't really dating much it has to be something she would be allowed to do. Asking for her help with something is a good way to get on a friendly basis with her. You sound like a nice sensitive kind of guy. Be polite and honest with her. She will probably appreciate it. And don't always take a first negative as final...sometimes there is a reason they have to try again later..."take a raincheck for a later time" will let her know you are still interested. "
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Sarina Originally Answered: Can i please have serious opinions on this please?
I just started my first year of Social Work (btw I think you need a social work degree to be a social worker, i dont think a sociology degree will cut it, but i never really looked into soci so dont completely take my word for it) and I am currently in a relationship (a year next month). honestly being in a relationship makes going through school a lot harder than it needs to be. I have a hard time paying attention in school cause Id much rather be with m boyfriend, and he tends to distract me from my homework (not purposely). Its nice having the support, and just having him in general, and having aloving relationship, but at the same time its not happy all the time, there are times we fight and i just get put in a bad mood, and then i just dont want to go to school n such (i go anyways cause it'd be dumb to skip). I think you should get your schooling, youre young you have lots of time to get a girl. and you never know you might run into her during your schooling. just dont make it a priority right now, cause this will determine your future financially

Norah Norah
Mate, don't ask for a girl's opinion on this, they say one thing then when it happens to them they act the opposite. Firstly you want to show her you care, well she will already be turned off with that attitude. What women like a man that knows what he wants and goes for what he wants. Tell her straight out you are interested in her and that you would like to see her more often at an exclusive level, or however you want to say it. Just don't mention the bullshit about caring for her, that can come when you actually do care for her, not when you are just interested. And what the hell is this with mentioning you love her, God that's enoough to make a woman run like hell
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Mabella Mabella
Just start talking to her and ask her if she wants to go to the movies or something. If its the first time you're ever talking to her, keep it a little casual but still ypur interested by being sweet to her. :) Just don't do anything extreme. Basically, just be a gentleman lol. :) Good Luck! I hope she says yes!
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Kelleigh Kelleigh
I'm in the same situation as you! I really like a girl in my school and I really want to talk to her. I don;t know if she is white or hispanic, but I feel like I REALLY want to talk to her. Compared to the Asian girls in my school, I can't even talk to them! I might talk to her. The bottom line is, I think you should just approach her and start out by saying what's her name and grade she's in and then take it from there.
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Irmalinda Irmalinda
properly if I were you.. i'd hint to her that you want her. ask her over textual content or in man or woman who she likes first and purely refer to her about all that. you don't desire to ask her out in case you do not understand if she likes you or no longer. Then attempt to loaf round which include her some cases and if all of it works out you should ask her out. do not do something too particular to ask her out... possibly bypass walk someplace and at the same time as the time is ideal purely say.. "hi there.. I easily have a question.." and then ask her out. desire that works for you! sturdy success!!
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Elfleda Elfleda
All I can say is the girls are giving you all the bull sh!t that they dont fall for... I suggest you to ask "men" instead because thats what all these b!tches (except for our moms) like
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Chevonne Chevonne
If my crush asked me out I would what him to actually come up to me and ask but of you are really shy ask a friend to do it. But before ask one of her friends who she likes so u don't embrass yourself or what type of boys she likes if u are that type of boy go for it hope this helps
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Chevonne Originally Answered: Can you please help me out? I AM going to a doctor just want some opinions?
It sounds like you have an obsessive compulsive disorder. There is medicine for it, and a lot of people have OCD to a degree. Yours sounds like it is not too severe, but bad enough that it is effecting the quality of your life. I would go to the Dr. and hopefully medicine along with trying some self control techniques will help you. Just tell the Dr. everything that you wrote above and don't leave anything out, so that you can get the best possible treatment. Good Luck

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