How to Avoid attention in public places?

How to Avoid attention in public places? Topic: How to Avoid attention in public places?
July 16, 2019 / By Abel
Question: I'm traveling to another country next Christmas and I need tips on how to blend with Society, Im gonna be in public for several days buying stuff for my wife. I've heard stories of Americans getting robbed and killed.. any help would be nice
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Shonda Shonda | 8 days ago
Wear conservative, not casual clothes. Your shoes should be ordinary leather ones, never athletic sneakers. Have a dumb-looking satchel or tote bag, not a fanny pack or a designer bag. If you want to carry a camera, keep it in a zipper pocket rather than around your neck, and keep track of it. Leave your good watch and all rings except a wedding band at home. Get one of those passport holders that you wear around your neck, under your clothing. Use it for your passport, the majority of your money, and all but one of your credit cards. You should be safe enough during daylight hours in the main commercial areas of the town. A plastic shopping bag with a local store logo will help you blend in a bit. (I once met a young woman who traveled a lot. Her hobby was collecting plastic shopping bags from all over, and then using them up one by one to carry her lunches and miscellaneous stuff.) Try to keep all your bulky purchases together in one bag. You won't look like a native, but you'll look like you know what you're doing, anyway. If English is not the native language, don't lose hope. Many people have studied some English. Speak slowly and clearly, with simple sentences and a basic vocabulary. You can often communicate by dictionary, pictionary, and pantomime, especially if you carry a notebook and pencil. Get on and look up the country where you'll be going, plus "etiquette" and "customs" and "travel tips" and "places" and so forth. If it's a country with an iffy reputation, such as some countries in the middle east, the communist countries, and parts of Mexico, look up the American embassy there for any late-breaking news that affects visitors to the country. A few "different" customs I've heard about: – Singapore: It's highly illegal to chew gum and throw it away on the pavement. You can't even purchase chewing gum there. In general their laws are pretty strict. – Japan: Make sure all your socks are in good shape, and bring along nice loafers rather than tie-up shoes. You'll be taking your shoes on and off a lot. Even in public stores and offices, you can walk in wearing your shoes, but if you step onto a carpeted area, you'll be expected to take them off. If you don't like the idea of sharing slippers from a pile made available for visitors, bring your own, but make sure they're real slippers, with smooth soles. Most transactions are done with cash. In large department stores and downtown areas, there'll be a few ATMs that can access bank accounts in the United States. You can cash travelers' checks at banks and stores, but it can be a tedious process. When it comes to Japanese toilet facilities, forewarned is forearmed. Look up information about them on the Internet! – Finland: A sauna is a relaxing experience, but you do have to take off all your clothes. Bring a folded towel to lie or sit on. The lower tiers are cooler. The higher ones are more for Finnish people who are used to taking saunas. Fifteen minutes in there is probably enough for neophytes. Remember the airline rule about liquids, gels, and creamy stuff – 3.4 ounce containers, max (about 100 milliliters). You can't take more of them than will all fit inside one quart-size zip-top baggie. (Bring two or three baggies in case one breaks.) There are special rules about aerosols. Look up the Transportation Safety Authority site for complete current information. So, do your research, and have a good time!
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Peyton Peyton
Lol for starters dont falling them round adequate? Um wear skinny denims and band tees [that really gets me and friends attention to those type of boys] if u see a fairly beautiful lady smile at her however now not like a weird or im total flirting with u type only a friendly sort at the live performance ask some women whats their fav tune by the band [but not in a creepy stalkerish way] ask them wut school they go to as soon as u build up a convo just have fun and hang around with a bunch of people then the women will see your fun to hang around and theyll wanna go up to u im a 15 year old lady =] defiantly put on the skinnys and band tee on the grounds that ur going to a concert
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Marly Marly
You don't say WHICH COUNTRY you are traveling to! Different countries mean different ways of blending in. BTW... this really is not an ETIQUETTE question... but thanks for asking! Have a polite day. Etiquette takes over where laws end.
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Lacie Lacie
haha dont worry you wont get robed or killed. if you know the native language its good to use it over there. dont act like a tourist too much and see what the people there usually wear and try to match their outfits
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Jena Jena
the onlt thing you can do it not wear ridiculously bright colours and chill out a bit. the more you feel out of place, the more you will look like a target.
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