How to get good at writing novels?

How to get good at writing novels? Topic: How to get good at writing novels?
July 16, 2019 / By Claribel
Question: Sort of strange.. I decided I wanted to write a book because after reading a book I enjoyed (twilight, it shames me to like such mainstream things) I couldn't find a similar writing style. Every time I looked on websites that found similar books to twilight, it was chosen because it was about vampires or werewolves. I want to write my own book because I want to feel a part of the novels I read, and because I want to find a book with the perfect author *ME*. I am pretty good at writing, I won creative writing awards at school before, and I don't need this novel to be published, just for my own entertainment. I would appreciate any advice on writing skills and writing exercises. Any suggestions on finding the book I am looking for would be appreciated as well. *I ENJOYED READING THE FACE ON THE MILK CARTON AS WELL* If that helps in anyway.... Thanks. Thanks to first answerer. I realize it is not as much literature as it is like watching television, but its so damn entertaining!! Oh well, and thanks for the writing tip:). I would choose not to turn to Twilight, for I feel as if easy novels are making me lazy; I have been reading a lot of those lately, but I haven't been able to find a book at the library that really catches my eye, and Twilight had always grasped my attention from the start. That is the only style in my head at the moment so that is the one I am going to stick with for now.
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Bea Bea | 2 days ago
It is easy to fall into easy books. I connect so much with you its weird. When i was in sixth grade, i came to the exact same road of "I want to write a book because i liked twilight" And I did. And Its published. So the best tip is really to just, play with any and every idea. Get a note book. Get two. Have a folder and save every little thing you write. Make charts. Make TImelines. Write character profiles as you think of the character. ANd believe it or not, watch tv and movies. I was probably 13 before i got my solid plot and the story stands. I watched the Man in the iron mask, followed by the count of monte cristo, got up, walked into my computer and wrote my first three chapters(only because i was a slow typer) So remember to draw all inspirations into one place. YOUR BRAIN! I love idea boards. Get a cork board and stiki notes or index cards and make a flow chart or something of the nature. if you have any kind of questions feel free to email me at [email protected] Hope i helped at least alittle! -Bree
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Bea Originally Answered: what are some good novels by American authors ?
Firstly to the person who answered Harry Potter - Harry Potter is ENGLISH!!!!! You americans always taking credit for our stuff ;p teehee. anyways, I don't know if it would count, but Edgar Allan Poe's stories would be good, as he was severely under appreciated in his time. At the time he was writing America was moving forward and wanted stories of triumph, industry and romance - Poe was writing tales of murder, madness, and the supernatural, stories set in big old mansions and in Europe. It would be interesting to compare his stories with America at the time. You could always do J.D.Salingers catcher in the rye - he's just died so it'd be quite poignant, also, it was a novel that, at the time - spoke to every teenager and student at the time - it created quite a stir! Those are a couple of ideas anyways :)
Bea Originally Answered: what are some good novels by American authors ?
If you are looking for something that is good for an era, but not a slog as far as reading, Jack London is excellent for some of his works. I am talking about something other than Call of the Wild or White Fang. Truman Capote In Cold Blood is an excellent period piece about a terrible crime that takes place in rural Kansas in the 1950s. Stephen Crane has a book or two, such as his one concerning a street girl (Maggie, A Girl of the Streets?), which would be good for the period of the 1880s-1890s.

Adelle Adelle
Well Twilight is a Mary Sue, which is basically a book where it's your fantasy. In Twilight Bella would be the author. Personally I think Twilight is very poorly written and not to many people enjoy reading Mary Sues. I would not copy her style. But it seems like you want to write a book the pleases you, and has things you like. You become the main character even if it wasn't your purpose. Since you aren't looking for any kind of book to be published I would use the style from the other book you like. Think of 3 nouns. Lets say you think of dog, fire, and girl. Write a short story using those words. Now think of one more, that will be your twist. The result may come out random and weird, but it really gets your creative juices flowing. Since this book is for you, and you only. It doesn't need to be perfect. Just write.
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Teddy Teddy
there's tons of resources on the internet that will help you write. Since you have won those creative writing awards i doubt you will have any trouble writing the novel. I'm trying to write my own. I'm just disappointed that i didn't use all my free time when i was in school. I probably would have a finished book or 2 by now if i did. google "how to write a novel" or some variant of it. here are some good links: (online planning site) * (3 act structure) also research snowflake method: it helps just in case you change your mind about publishing it
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Teddy Originally Answered: Hey!:) Does anyone know an author who writes in more than one genre- such as poetry and novels for example?
If you want to go classic, Edgar Allen Poe is a phenomenal source of multi-genre writings. Poetry, short fiction, and so on...definitely worth a look.

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