How to get over creative writing block?

How to get over creative writing block? Topic: How to get over creative writing block?
June 27, 2019 / By Arin
Question: I've been stuck for some time creatively actually in many more ways then creatively. I just... don't know what to do any more. I used to be able to write and draw non stop for hours and hours with good ideas flowing through my mind but it seems like the well has gone dry. Nothing in my life has changed since then. Any tips on how to get creative?
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Zebina Zebina | 9 days ago
So this is going to sound absolutely ridiculous and juvenile, but it really helps me when I'm in short-term creative rut. Ever seen the movie Garden State? I got this little thing I do from that. Sometimes all it takes for me to feel refreshed is to do something completely original. Something nobody else has done before. Dance around ridiculously in a certain spot in your room, yell an obscenity while doing the Macarena. It sounds ridiculous. But it really helps me to be able to focus on my work when I know that I've just done something completely original, even if it was foolish. Obviously, that only helps me in a short-period... kind of like an energy burst. When I'm in a prolonged rut I tend to culture myself by going to art exhibits, concerts, reading classic novels, listening to new music, taking walks, sketching objects at the park.... anything that gets me thinking of life. A walk in the city and then a drive in the country. I try and place myself in others shoes and try and feel like what life must be like for them.
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Sidney Sidney
Have a long walk or a jog, physically your brain will be refreshed making your mind more open to ideas, an activity like this will produce a better circulation giving more fresh oxygen to your brain. Giving your brain rest from the routine of writing. Participate in a new activity that focuses on drawing your creativity but in a different form, if your used to using your creativity in drawing or writing try something else for a change, at the same time it will give you a new skill to pave new ways for artistic expression. On top of that, sometimes listening to postrock music helps. Its very shapeless in itself but imbibes layers and depths of imagination. try it out and listen if you wish, here is a nice playlist:
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Oli Oli
Ashlie, The best way to get over writer’s block is to think for your characters in the way that YOU would think. YOU have to be each character. What would YOU do? What would YOU say? Go back over what you have in the last few paragraphs when you first lost contact with your story. Then, you start to think the way YOU would in real life. This way you will never end up with a vicious attack of writer’s block. It works for me. PJ M
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Lavern Lavern
I was the same way too and have that same problems. What seems to help me even GET an idea is listening to music, walking around outside, and looking up drawings or pictures on the internet. What really helped me was going back to take an art class. The teacher gave us an assignment and from that assignment ideas started flowing. It also helped that the teacher taught me some new techniques to use for my drawings. It helps me and I hope some of my ways help you too :)
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