How to make a Old paper look design!?

How to make a Old paper look design!? Topic: How to make a Old paper look design!?
June 24, 2019 / By Alvena
Question: I really need help..ive research on google that tea bag and coffe ground are the best way? is this true?? and if you know any ideas like framing old look too.. please tell me..i need this for my project!! thank youu!! :D
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Vere Vere | 1 day ago
Yeah it works. I can't remember exactly what I did with the tea, but like 5 years ago I had to do the same thing, and my mom helped me by soaking the papers with tea. It came out great. Good luck
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Ronald Ronald
Brew some tea, dip the paper in briefly. the stronger the tea the darker the paper, so not too strong, you probably just want to give it that mellow yellow look. This also slightly warps and puckers the texture of the paper, adding to the effect. You can also singe the edges of the paper, adding to the effect, for a pirate map type of effect. Do this while still damp from the tea, that way the whole sheet won't go up in flames Make sure any writing/printing on the paper are water proof!
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Moab Moab
you can also use red wine! for framing, you can use sand paper or a match to create an old look. Also depending on your frame, if you have molding around the edge you can take gold powdered watercolor pigment and paint the tip of the molding to give it an old antiqued quality. have fun!
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Kaolin Kaolin
lit a match on fire and burn a bit of your paper (not where the words are....) And blow out the fire when your happy with it. and crumple it a little and trace with dark lines.
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