How to make friends easier?

How to make friends easier? Topic: How to make friends easier?
June 24, 2019 / By Annabell
Question: I'm a shy person and normally have no idea what to say in situations. There's someone I want to be friends with but I don't know how to actually have them want to talk to me more. I can't just go up to them and start talking, I'm just not like that. How do you make friends? I'm not an interesting person in my opinion, and no one texts me or anything when my friend gets a lot and has so many new friends. But, not me. How do I get over being shy and have people actually want to talk to me? Thanks. :)
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Winslow Winslow | 6 days ago
you have to talk to people to make them want to talk to you! I know it's super hard if you're not that type of person, but you have to do it a little bit, otherwise people will have no idea you're interested in being their friend. I think you're over-thinking this a little bit. But yes, I know what you mean. You can't say, "Hey what's your favorite color?" to the kid sitting next to you in class. But you can ask what other classes they're taking, or if they understood the homework. Then the next time you see them, you can be a little friendly and then ask how their weekend was. Eventually this leads to more personal conversations, except in those rare cases where you just instantly hit it off with someone. But anyway, yes just memorize some icebreakers and just casually start talking to people. I think the trick is to calm down a bit. That will make your interactions a lot more natural. It's okay if you don't say the exact right thing at first. Most people aren't going to be immediately turned off as long as your friendly. Be patient with yourself and give people a chance to get to know you. Don't be afraid to make the first move and add people to your Facebook Video Chat Rounds ( )
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Shamer Shamer
I kind of have that problem too. I have a LOT of friends, but I'm also really shy and I can be kind of awkward, and I get embarrased easily. I know what you mean by you can't just go up to them, so maybe sign up for an extra carricular activity. Dance is my choice. Lots of really great girls take dance and it's really fun. Dance teaches you how to be outgoing and have fun plus it's great excersise. Research studios in your area, and then sign up for one, even if you feel like a hopeless dancer. If you don't want to dance there's always gymnastics, swimming, soccer, karate, horseback riding, etc. If an extra carricular isn't an option, try making friends on school hours. Just be friendly and keep conversation going. Don't get awkward, just keep a smile on your face and talk a lot to whoever is in your class. One day, just casually take out your phone and ask for their cell number. If you're ever in a group project and have to do work at someones house, say "this is fun, we should do it again without the project." I live by this quote: "Take a chance. You never know how absolutely perfect everything may turn out to be." Just think about it. :)
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Nevin Nevin
You should join a club or athletic team at your school- it is a quick way to make friends that have similar interests.
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Kipp Kipp
Just start with small talk, it may lead to something interesting. mine,
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Huntley Huntley
why don't you give me your number. i'd like to text you =) if your interested, my email is [email protected]
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Huntley Originally Answered: How do I make the time go by quicker and easier?
Ok, first off, I find that the best thing is sport activity. In a similar situation, I went really heavy into martial arts, but I suppose any physical action, that requires you to concentrate will do. Other hard tasks may be sufficient... Oh, and also... agree with your bf to do several nice things every day for each other... text msg, e-mail etc. State the obvious again and again. "I love you still", "thinking about you always". Small things like that along the day, will make the other person seem more aware and close. although several thousand kilometers away. You always wonder if the other person is thinking about you. If he might be flirting with someone etc etc. "Doing my homework and thinking how much I love you"... or whatever you like, can make the day for your bf. He should be aware that same goes for you... Make it into a habit to be positive. State you longings in a positive way... dont say: I feel like dying because I miss you so much. Say instead: I love you and I look sooo forward till Ill be seing you agian... etc etc. That goes for messages as well as calls. Be positive. Longing for someone is hard, but CAN be constructive with a little effort... Oh, and also - give yourself credits for living through this. Two months is not unbearable. BUT IT IS ALOT.

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