How to nicely help your MIL stop delving into your business?

How to nicely help your MIL stop delving into your business? Topic: How to nicely help your MIL stop delving into your business?
June 18, 2019 / By Abegayle
Question: My MIL means well, but she is constantly involving herself in our affairs, and sometimes without our knowledge or consent. For instance, when my DH lost his job, she went out, without my knowledge, and got me a job. I found out when the company called me up to start work... I am concerned about her lending our personal information to sources unbeknownst to us until after the fact. How do I deal with her in a nice way?
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Sterling Sterling | 1 day ago
My My..she really is getting into your business...this is just not acceptable at all. I think it's your husband that should deal with this matter, because it is his need to come up with a plan together but let him deal with it. Maybe she does not understand , that your business , is not her give her the benefit of the doubt...Your husband needs to explain to her...this is his family and he likes to keep his business between you and him, he appreciate her concerns and her helpfulness BUT he wants to do things his way...Of course all this should be done in a calm, pleasant , nonjudgmental way. Maybe he could make a joke of the fact he is a BIG BOY now. You are right to nip any of this stuff in the bud..if you allow this to go on , you will have terrible problems with her down the's possible she might be hurt when he speaks to her...but in time and with patients, kindness, she will get over it.
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I think the natural drift is a good way to go, you can help it along though. Start telling her that you can't pick her up. Cut back on the rides to maybe twice a week, when she calls you're busy doing homework. See you have to create the drift this avoidance is actually a better way of moving into making your point. Because she will say you don't have any time for me any more or some sort of comment along those lines. Then you can tell her well you know we have different interest, and then go from there .This IMO is better than just coming right out and saying I don't want to be friends anymore. You don't want to burn bridges, as far as drugs go I mean look you either have the willpower not to do them or you don't. Its entirely up to you.
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Talk to her in private and tell her that you are not into drugs and that you think she is not the greatest influence. Look at her face, her hands, and eyes. If she looks sad, just tell her that you need to go explore the world and it's people. If she looks angry, just tell her softly to not get angry over this situation and to look back at those "moments" you've had together. Are they good? Bad? Slow? unexciting? This may convince her that you two just aren't right together. If she looks happy, then that means she is relieved that you said it first that you aren't the greatest of friends. If she has no expression, that means she couldn't care less either way After all the pain is gone, try to talk to her about the negatives about drugs. After all, she may change for the better and you guys could end up being best friends! Good Luck!!!

Pacey Pacey
You need to nicely ask her to stop delving into your business. You have to talk to her even if its uncomfortable. She may not realize you feel this way. She may not care, but you have to at least give her your side. If you don't say anything and let this keep going on for a long time it will only get harder to talk about.
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Linden Linden
wow that is really innappropriate! you and your husband are your own family now, shes gotta stop thinking she runs the show!! You really need to sit down with your husband and discuss this. He should be the one to tell her what is acceptable and lay down boundaries. You need to do it, it will only get worse and out of hand. It is not mean at all, everybody needs boundaries! Its not healthy or normal what she is getting up to so by your husband being strong on the issue and telling her to stop she should get the point. Good luck!
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