How to spark creativity again?

How to spark creativity again? Topic: How to spark creativity again?
June 27, 2019 / By Alyssa
Question: In 2004, I was 10 years old. I was new to the Internet and I browsed many forums until I found one on a gaming website, to be Roleplaying/Fanfiction. I wrote obsessively trying to improve my ability and it led to the summer of 2005 where I laid low. I wrote here and there, read books. Finally, I moved from Florida to my current residence now, New Jersey. I found a friend who also wrote and we competed with each other and such, leading to me on FictionPress. I eventually entered a contest and received an honorary award for the youngest author at the competition (all of my competitors were near 30-50s). Not trying to boast, mind you. ;) Then suddenly, I discovered Xbox Live and have been addicted since 2006. I love it so much, but it's almost like it's my new passion, as nerdy as that sounds. I see people writing and I attempt to write for 30 minutes, make something incomprehensible and then totally forget about it. I also noticed how much my vocabulary from 2 years ago was greater than mine's really embarrassing. Anyone have any idea on how to get back into this art? I've tried mapping out storylines, but I get bored. I need some kind of way to FORCE myself to write to get back into it. I would love to make some new stories ... any ideas? Thanks. Cole
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Vince Vince | 1 day ago
Hi Cole, You still write above your age average. Of course this doesn't mean you should go about losing your writing skills when you're still interested. I think this kind of question has to be answered responsibly, and that means only by those who have had a related experience. The number may be limited. If you post a copy of this question under the health > mental health section, though, that's where you're likely to find people who have played some part in helping solve problems like this. So I'd suggest you do that too. Then you'd have two avenues for a solution to the problem. And please don't be frightened of posting there. The point is, why get layman advice when you can potentially get an expert's? What you're facing is only common to anyone who's gotten hooked to a game. Luckily for me at your age I only had to motivate myself to do homework, or switch to reading a book. That's a lot easier to do than write. It occurs to me that reading a book can be an immersive experience, and that getting into a book might be the way to get out of games, temporarily anyway. It'll probably be hard and jarring at first, but get some really famous book and work at it as if it was an intellectual exercise or homework: even though it may be jarring to focus on the reading experience, try to figure out how come the big names are harping about it. Come to think of it, that's how I once got myself out of a monthlong gaming spree. I'm not saying it won't be painful. Also: when you play a game, do you sometimes feel disappointed by storylines and the lack of interactivity of the games? I remember that there were times when I was able to do both writing and games, because the way I worked through the writing was as if I was charting a particular path through some foggy, unfinished game in my head, a daydream game whose details only materialized as they occurred to me. It sort of completed the gaming experience for me. I think this exercise can also aid your scene description skills. What's produced won't be that great in itself, though, at least in my experience. That's okay. Just keep finding stopgaps to keep yourself away from the games. At least, that's how I did it. Hope you realize your obvious potential, Vikram
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Roy Roy
Hi Cole, There's no use trying to force yourself. Just wait. Either your passion for writing returns, or it doesn't. You're not yet old enough to be sure that your current likes and dislikes will accompany you until you're old. Cheers S
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Mordred Mordred
watch 2 different movies and put them together in your head. write a story about it. change the characters, setting just the small details; make it interesting. say 'what if' and get lost in your story. i hope this helps.
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