How to start this compare contrast essay. PLZZ HELP!?

How to start this compare contrast essay. PLZZ HELP!? Topic: How to start this compare contrast essay. PLZZ HELP!?
July 16, 2019 / By Cornelius
Question: I have to write a compare and contrast essay, on two different writers for a magazine. How can i start it off? I have like a writers block or something. All I need is just a sentence to get my brain flowing. Anything would be great!! please help me out here. :] Thanks also, i am comparing the styles of writing too. :] just thought i'd add that bit in there.
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Arvin Arvin | 4 days ago
Dr. Martha Stranglefun and the always-irreverent Flip ("Grabby") Ninny both contribute to Cosmo -- but their styles and messages could not be more different. Cosmo appeals to a large demographic, with varying needs and uses of their readership. By employing a broad range of voices contributing to their magazine, the editors are sure that every reader will find something of value. But the distance between Stranglefun and Ninny sets up quite a bit of dissonance -- and even outright contradiction. For example, Dr Stranglefun always preaches (such and such), whereas Ninny advocates the opposite. In a recent edition, a reader asked the doctor's advice on this question, and this was Stranglefun's reply: "Quote quote quote" (citation). In the very same issue, Ninny wrote, "Quote quote quote" (citation). Besides the contrast in the kind of advice each writer gives, another contrast between these contributors is in their writing style. Whereas Dr. Stranglefun's style is grave and formal, Ninny's is brisk and lively. Stranglefun utilizes polysyllabic words; Ninny's into slang. A linguistic analysis of a representative passage from each writer yielded the following data: • Sentence length (number of words per sentence:) > 28 for the Doctor, 11 for the Ninny. • Number of three-syllable words > 12 in the Doctor's passage; 0 in Ninny's • Number of compound sentences > 15 and 8 respectively • Number of complex sentences > 12 and 2 • Number of slang words or phrases > 0 and 21 • Number of sentence fragments > 0 and 10 But the most fascinating observation about these two writers is in the way in which they are very much alike. They both are (whatever) and they both (something else). For example, Dr Stranglefun has written "Quote quote quote"(citation). Ms Ninny has said almost the identical thing: "Quote quote quote" (citation). By publishing these two writers, Cosmo manages to put out a magazine with enough of a consistent voice to attract its target demographic for issue after issue. But at the same time, there is enough diversity in content, intention, and tone to broaden the base of appeal. Apparently this is a sound marketing strategy, since Cosmo's circulation figures were up last year from 28, 280,000 to 28,750,000 -- placing this magazine in the nation's Top Ten in terms of circulation and advertising revenue.
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Arvin Originally Answered: compare and contrast essay?
When you write a thesis statement , all it does is tell what you are going to talk about in your paper with absolutely no detais . It is brief and can appear anywhere in your introduction . In your case it would appear something like this: Communism and Democracy have been cussed , discussed , and argued over for years dating back to before Hitler . _______________
Arvin Originally Answered: compare and contrast essay?
Lil' Wayne: 0 good albums each and every of the rappers he produces are terrible (Drake, Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, Tyga etc...) He can no longer freestyle for his existence. He appears like sh*t. He does not even co-write 0.5 of his songs. Eminem: countless, slender Shady LP, Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem prepare, Encore, Relapse have been surprising. restoration grow to be crap and can be extra in comparison to Lil' Wayne then something. He produced 50 Cent and Obie Trice and that they are all extra useful then the extra youthful money team via miles. he's a ultimate at freestyle. he's the final MC of the last decade. He writes and co-writes all of his tracks. he's flopping these days. There you opt to your essay: Lil' Wayne ruined hip-hop Eminem retains the fireplace alive. Peace.

Val Val
The magazine industry is a hard one. Some people make it while others don't. Luckily (enter writer #1 here) and (enter writer #2 here) have survived and made it through the bumps in the road. All the trial and error. I hope this helps!
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Scholastica Scholastica
OK. For a good article in a magazine, you need someone who knows how to do the job and can write in a way that will capture the audience. answer mine?
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Scholastica Originally Answered: Any ideas for a compare/contrast essay?
Compare and contrast your generation your parents generation your grandparents generation Subjects music dancing dress for school / formal/party (both genders) teen magazine text (stories, celebs) and/ ads (colour, size, subject, images (photos, line drawings, comics) career and workplaces for each (both genders) education required for "decent" jobs Know any mothers with babies? toddlers? Project, thoughtfully a "forward" generation. To make it interesting.

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