How to stop playing video games as much?

How to stop playing video games as much? Topic: How to stop playing video games as much?
June 24, 2019 / By Adrianna
Question: I play games a lot I mean it's not like I don't have a social life at all I talk to people at school and every once in a while I hang out with people after school. But the weekends(SAT-SUN) mostly I spend anywhere from 9-12 hours on video games. I don't spend as much time during the weekdays cause I have homework. On weekdays(MON-FRI) I spend 6-7 hours is that a problem if so how can I cut down?
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Thad Thad | 2 days ago
Limit the games you have. I use to have 12+ games so i always felt like i had to play them because i wouldn't finish them. Keep around 3 games do that way you don't feel like you have to go back to finish them right away. Instead you can go back to them at your leisure. Also find hobbies to occupy your time. Hand out with friends, do sports, join a after school club, read, or get a job if your old enough. I now spend 5-12 hours on games a week now compared to the 24+ hours that i use to.
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Thad Originally Answered: how to get rid of procrastination of homework, also how to stop playing video games and also on computer?
Easy! You have a set time when you are in class right? You have a set time when you are home right? Make a set time each day to do your homework! At that time you must do nothing but homework! Eating a snack when you get home is good! Watching millionaires on t.v. is kinda whack and playing video games all the time is really whack and should be looked at in a different perspective! Look at it this way, someone had to sit down and think about a way to make a game that would interest you, waste your time and even though you know it's a waste of time, make money off of you at the same time! Now how crazy is that! Have a set time that you play your games for 30 min each day and no more than that! Finding a great book to read is much more fulfilling, and there are some great reads out there that you haven't read! Good Question! peace!

Pompey Pompey
....Is that a problem? I'm asking you, because you're the only one that can actually say so. If you don't spend that much time through the week, and take care of all your responsibilities, and spend a lot of hours playing on the weekends when you have the most free time available... then what is the problem? If you don't wanna play games as much - for some reason - then find other hobbies. Or join a gym.
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Mahon Mahon
All you really need to do is find an alternative, preferably something more productive. So just try to cut down on a couple hours, and use it to work out in the gym, or read some books etc. Also play more with friends, as it makes the experience better, and you won't become socially awkward when you grow up lol
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Jemmy Jemmy
I know this. Trust me, i've been there once. And I lost most of what I builded thoughout my life by gaming. Sadly. But then I started fishing with friends, met lots of new people, and gaming isn't the same as it was before to me. I would really recommend you to go fishing. Ask your best friend, family member or whatever to go out with you. If you don't like nature - then try playing a card game like Magic the Gathering or Yo-Gi-Oh. It's always a start - and it's great games
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Gene Gene
No it's very normal i play alot more than you do but if you want a better social life you should cut to 3-4 and thats by not buying more new games.
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Gene Originally Answered: Why does my parents hate me playing video games?
Ah, your mom is just part of this "old generation" and she is used to certain things. Your existence and actions just completely shatter her image of an ideal daughter so of course she'd probably be mad. As long as your gaming doesn't affect your school life and social life and future too much, then I see no problem with gaming. But, for now, just go with your mother's plans. Once you grow up and move out, you'll have time to play games.

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