How to stop somebody from asking homework help?

How to stop somebody from asking homework help? Topic: How to stop somebody from asking homework help?
June 27, 2019 / By Annie
Question: Like every single day, this dude keeps asking me for homework help and by that I mean copying my answers Can anyone tell me how to stop him or say no to him I'm not the type who would say no to these kind of stuff...
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Xzavier Xzavier | 3 days ago
Tell him frankly: " You want to copy my answers since you want to score good marks in the homework assignments, right? Well, in the final exams if you don't actually know the right answers, won't you feel let down and a failure? Well, let me earnestly suggest that you learn the stuff by doing your homework all by yourself. Even if you falter in the HW, you will learn from your mistakes. You will learn the right stuff from your mistakes! I want to see you as a success!! So, DO NOT COPY, my friend !"
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Xzavier Originally Answered: How can I stop going?
You need to talk to you dad. he may be hurt if all of kids just dont want to come see him any more. If its just that it takes to much time and that your other siblings are annoying but you still would like to see your dad perhaps you can talk to him and you can work out times that you can still see him and spend time with him but now be at his place every weekend.
Xzavier Originally Answered: How can I stop going?
Can you get your dad to let you invite a friend with you? That way you can spend time with both friends and him. Or maybe come up with something that you want to do outside of the house that you could meet up with friends but still have your dad and brothers there so you aren't totally shunning the family but still are getting what you want? Your age is a difficult one b/c your dad wants to see you but you're right that you need to be able to see friends as well. Sit down with him and try and work out a reasonable solution to where you are both happy. (BTW just not going at all is NOT reasonable and neither your mom or dad should allow that)

Shelah Shelah
Give him a sheet filled with wrong answers that ought to teach heim you're not smart as he thinks you are, and he will turn to another person for help
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Noble Noble
Lol, I like Qwabbs answer. Just tell him you can't help you are busy or say sorry man I don't understand it. Or be honest and say "listen, I can't help you, please dont bother me".
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Noble Originally Answered: HOW DO I STOP? I CANT STOP D:?
This is going to sound weird, but ask your parents to take away your phone and computer. Obviously you cannot handle it yourself, so they have to step in. If you can control yourself, make sure to focus on the future. What I mean is that entertainment like tumblr and crap like that is a pointless waste of time, and does nothing for your education, which will affect your future. Start a routine of opening your backpack. Set up a time for studying and homework, and don't even TOUCH your phone/computer/etc until AFTER you're done with your work. It's not that hard; you just need the internal motivation. Take control of your own life.

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