how to tell my parents about failing a test?

how to tell my parents about failing a test? Topic: how to tell my parents about failing a test?
June 26, 2019 / By Albin
Question: well my math teacher is evil, i knew that from the first day of school (she gave out homework for the first time, and hasnt gone a DAY without giving homework) i hate her so much. Its my birthday today but instead of presents (lol) she gave back tests, i got a 58. What sucks is that the test had only 7 questions, and she took off points for really stupid things, like not labeling points (we had to find the SLOPE!!!) and solving the problem (instead of just rewriting it and leaving x and y). Like if you got 1 question wrong, you got an 85. But she DID count each question as 14 points, but my mistakes were apparently too life-threatening to count as half credit. The smartest kid in the class (who is also class president) got a C. My. Parents. Will. Explode. How do i tell them? -_____- we have to get it signed. and do corrections. explain why we are failures at life. grr. I think she eats tears for breakfast : / just told her :) she signed it. Being in so many plays and drama clubs pays off in real life, too...:))))) me: i...i didnt do so well on the test. mom: really? what did you get? me: the class president got a C. *sniff* he told me next period. And mag (my friend) got a D. *shows mom ~58 F~ at top of paper* she gave us 7 questions...*voice is starting to crack*...and everyone failed *is now crying very very hard* mom: oh you poor thing! just do better next time. me: *sniff* okay. thank you. *spontaneously stops crying and walks to office with completely normal face. mom is confused.* and i guess 7 questions was a good thing, cause now i dont have to like 15 corrections, i only have to do 4 or 5. :D
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Sydne Sydne | 8 days ago
If you don't need to tell them, don't do it, but make sure they won't find out in any possible way. If you think you'd need to tell them about it, you could try something like this: tell them you had a test [if they don't already know]. Maybe they'll ask "And how did you score?", then you: "Not so good. But my whole class did like this. It's not my fault. I swear I learned. But I failed. And I promise I'll learn more for next time", or something like this. Make an innocent face and puppy eyes. I think this works every time.
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Rebecca Rebecca
Well, as a high school student, I'm in the same situation a lot, but this is how I would approach it. 1) Talk to your teacher before your parents. See if he'll work with you to let you retake the test, get some extra credit to balance your failure, something. Tell him how you feel openly, and make sure you kiss up. That 5 minute talk can get you far. 2) If you feel like what he did was truly unfair, and he won't give you any type of help, talk to your parents and the head of the math department. My teacher wouldn't give me 10 points on the biggest test of the year because he thought I changed the answer after getting it back. I took it to the head of the department and got my 10 points. If that doesn't work, get your parents involved, unfair is unfair. 3) Relax, focus on improving for the future. I'm in an intense math class were we move incredibly quickly, the key is to do as many problems as possible, you need to be comfortable with the concept in many different situations. Also, read the section before the class, try it at home, when you get in class, things will click, you will be in your comfort zone. Don't cry over spilled milk.
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Merrill Merrill
Alright first of all, your math teacher is not evil, you have to do math homework everyday to get better at it. All of my previous math teachers gave homework since the first day. She's not evil, she wants you to succeed in math. Next, 7 questions is fine for a math test. I've never really had a test with more than 10 or 12 questions. And by the way, her grading was not unreasonable. You are supposed to label points in a graph, you should know that. And you have to show all your work. If you show just one or two steps then she should take off a majority of the points. And don't think about blaming it all on your math teacher when you tell your parents your grade. We all make stupid mistakes. Explain to your parents that it is your fault, and that you will try really hard next time. Make a deal with them---you will get an B on the next quiz or they can take your ipod for a week (just an example). It's a part of life....what will you do when you have to tell parents you failed a midterm? an entire class? if you don't want to tell them, then don't allow it to happen.
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Lesly Lesly
I recommend waiting til tomorrow since todays your bday. But no later than that! Just catch your parents at a good time and say "Mom, Dad, I didn't get such a good grade on my math test, I got a 58. I am really sorry, I thought I studied enough but there were only 7 questions and my teacher took off points for really small, stupid things. I promise I'll study harder for the next math test."
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Josie Josie
Are they expecting you to tell them about your score? If not, I think you should just hide it. You could just say, "Mom and Dad. I had a hard time with a test I took and I didn't do so well on it. I would like to practice these problems and next time, make sure I do my best to past the test." :]
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Geraldine Geraldine
dont ask dont tell and if they do ask what works for me is saying my really smart friend even got a bad grade so it won't make you look as dumb then also say you have asked for extra help from the teacher or a friend who gets it and will ask for extra credit of some kind. make it seem like your upset and will find a way to make it balance out alright. good luck!
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Delphina Delphina
Okay here is an answer for u hun Ok Ok ready?!?!?!?! How about............... You dont tell them at all =)!!!!!!!!! Look dont bet urself up, were not perfect were just humans Ur parents should understand
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Delphina Originally Answered: How do you tell your parents that you're failing math class and have to take summer school?
Don't panic! Telling your parents you are failing math is not really THAT big of a deal. I mean if you had to tell them you are pregnant or on drugs would be a BIG deal. I don't want to make it seem like nothing, but just tell them you aren't doing well and would like to have their support and that you need help. Just take the summer class and do your best and show them how smart you are. Best of luck!

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