How would I write an essay about the Black Widow Spider?

How would I write an essay about the Black Widow Spider? Topic: How would I write an essay about the Black Widow Spider?
July 16, 2019 / By Stacey
Question: I was assigned to do any topic involving chemistry. I chose to do an essay on the Black Widow Spider. I don't know what to write about. Should I write about it's habitat, reproduction, and evolution?
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Pris Pris | 2 days ago
You just said it. What I would do. Research the three things you mentioned. Have an Introduction paragraph that lead into those subjects. Then depending on how long this need to be you have one paragraph explaining the three subjects of interest and then end with a Conclusion. That be 5 paragraphs total. If, it need to be something like a 10 page Essay. The one page for intro, eight pages for your subject and one page for conclusion. Just divide everything up according to how long the Essay need to be. Good Luck, this sounds like a cool subject. Below me may be better advice as he explains. I been writing essay and research papers for so long I get over excited. Heck, I almost can write an intro and conclusion for any subject just from experience of doing this with no knowledge of the subject. LOL! Remember the first rule of school. "If you can not dazzle them with your intelligence, baffle them with your bull sh*t"!
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Pris Originally Answered: what is the atomic stucture for the venom of a black widow?
Boy you've got your work cut out for you here. First, black widow venom is not one molecule. It is made up of several different molecules that all interact together to bring out this toxic effect. However, there is one subgroup of molecules, if you will, that are the key ingredient to the venom. They are known as the latrotoxins, which there are seven of, five of which are present in black widow venom. For the sake of the question I am going to assume you are considering the alpha-latrotoxin which is what works on human beings, which is also the most studied. Now for the part that's going to ruin your project for you. There is no known structure. That's it. I said it, and now you hate me for it. According to all medical journals that I could find, scientists just recently obtained a 3D image of the alpha-latrotoxins. For the good news: how it works. The alpha-latroxin molecule sort of binds to the cellular membrane and forces Calcium molecules across it, which trigger neurotransmitters to be released. This influx of neurotransmitters is what causes all problems associated with the venom. Hope this has helped you a bit, and I would seriously consider having a talk with your (chem?) instructor if they chose this for you. If you chose it yourself, you might seriously reconsider what you're doing your project on. This would be a massively difficult paper for a graduate student to write, and I assume you aren't a grad student as you haven't already done this background research. Good luck!!
Pris Originally Answered: what is the atomic stucture for the venom of a black widow?
This is a very good question! It's not quite that simple, though - most venoms are made up of a mixture of various proteins, and widow venom is no exception. However, I suspect that your instructor is interested in the primary protein component of widow venom, called "alpha-Latrotoxin" (Widows are members of the spider genus Latrodectus, so that's the reason for the name of the protein). The effect of this protein, in simple terms, is to bind to signalling sites in nerves and release all the molecules that the nerve uses to send a signal to the next nerve to fire off an impulse. This causes the receiving nerves to basically send an overload continuous signal out, which will end up causing muscles to lock up instead of contracting and relaxing. These neurotoxins essentially paralyze the spider's arthropod prey in a very short span of time, and at least this one has a very potent effect on mammals as well. I've linked you a wiki and a couple of interesting papers - the first two papers cover the basic information, and have most of the info you need, but don't give you the 3-d structure of the protein. The last paper (and especially the third link, which goes to an excellent and well-illustrated summary of that paper) give you the structural information you want to know. You'll need to have a computer that reads .pdf files (Adobe reader, as up-to-date as possible). This is a fine project, and I hope you do very well on it!

Maxine Maxine
You might want to go to a library to research the effect the spider's venom has on the various systems of the spider's victims! This would be in the purview of Chemistry. Habitat, reproduction and evolution are far removed from that subject area!
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Laurel Laurel
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