Human cloning research paper introduction help?

Human cloning research paper introduction help? Topic: Human cloning research paper introduction help?
June 24, 2019 / By Trudie
Question: hello i'm writing a research paper on human cloning and I'm having trouble thinking of how to start if off..aka the introduction. I don't want to just start off by saying "Human cloning is...", because that's boring and shows I didn't put much thought into it. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can write to make it sound more interesting? Maybe even an example? :] Oo common perceptions..I can do that, bet most people think that human cloning is only used for people who think it's awesome to have a twin I'm assigned to be against human cloning
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Sammy Sammy | 10 days ago
Well, make sure that your introduction builds into a strong thesis. The intro is a very important part of the paper. I would suggest thinking of a good thesis, and then building your introduction off of that. This way, the introduction makes sense and is a very strong lead up to the thesis. About cloning; maybe mention how it can mean life for some people, and death for others. I don't know if you're a pro, or a con. Maybe talk about the rumors of cloning, and clear them up in your paper. Some people say that people have been cloned before, and some websites even talk about their underground cloning facilities. It's almost like a black market in some cases; it would be very interesting to start out with that, and grip the readers interest.
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Sammy Originally Answered: Research paper introduction on religion. Does it sound ok?
Actually no, it doesn't sound okay. 'has been forced upon many generations of people and entwine, it has taken many lives with it' should be changed to something like 'has been forced upon many generations of people and taken many lives.' You don't measure religions in handfuls, especially not in a formal paper. 'Many religions' would work better. You can't use 'its people' to refer to people of multiple religions, because 'its' is a singular pronoun. Segregation occurs between groups of people so you should say 'and followers of other religions' rather than just 'other religions'. The use of the phrase 'in efforts of being the "true" religion' doesn't work when the verb that you are attributing this goal to is 'show'. There have been multiple crusades as well as Inquisitions, so you should say 'such as multiple Inquisitions and crusades, as well as conflicts in the Middle East.' 'Middle East' is better than 'Middle Eastern Territory' and you shouldn't say 'the conflicts' unless every single Middle Eastern conflict is a relevant example. So without addressing the validity of the content, that sentence would be rewritten along the lines of 'Historically, many religions have employed segregation between their people and those of other religions in an effort to be the "true" religion, as can be seen from events such as multiple Inquisitions and Crusades, as well as conflicts in the Middle East.' The second to last sentence is about as awkward, and at the end of the paragraph I'm still not really sure what your topic is.

Noelene Noelene
I don't know how long the paper has to be. Here are my tips: always have an introduction. you can mention Dolly here. next you can expand on each one of your reasons. for example: talk about the mutations and why they are bad not only for humans, but also for plants. you can talk about how some companies sell cloned meat. use your second argument for another body paragraph. you could even talk about how it would radically alter what it means to be human - we would lose something vital to the uniqueness of humanity. next you can have your third argument : creation of a "super human". talk about how it can lead to eugenics. and even throw in that it could lead to another Holocaust. last state a conclusion: always. if it needs to be longer, than add more body paragraphs. Good luck
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Lyrica Lyrica
start off with the common perceptions of people and cloning, and then correct it. Its much more gripping that way i.e Cloning is often thought of with images of science fiction and horror stories such as a Brave New world....blaaahhh....But should we easily dismiss something that could help people..witter drone..... Just keep it balanced.
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Keila Keila
are you pro or con? start with your view on it. want old school? start by definition and then build on it. you can even try stating how things would be if you had a clone. or if somebody you knew had a clone.
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India India
how about starting like .... Carbon-Copy .... (might make people curious to read further instead of "Human cloning is ....) - I mean to say a bit of humor
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India Originally Answered: How Do I start my introduction paragraph on my research paper?
before you write much at all how about line up your talking points apart from conspiracy websites I cant imagine youll get much info on either given one is secretive and the other is imaginary anyway Introduction will be formed in line with your argument (statement, position, idea) generally an intro sets out what you are going to talk about in the body of the essay so, you need to know what you are talking about in the essay to write your intro as a result despite the reader reading the intro first, you will write it second

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