I am a born artist and want to make a career in art and painting but don't have any professianl degree.?

I am a born artist and want to make a career in art and painting but don't have any professianl degree.? Topic: I am a born artist and want to make a career in art and painting but don't have any professianl degree.?
June 19, 2019 / By Summer
Question: I am 32 years old married woman. I am M.A., B. Ed., and Ph. D. I have seven years experience of teaching also but now this job is not giving me proper satisfaction and I want to change my career line. Actually I am an extremely creative person and I have a passion for art. I am really fond of drawing, painting, music, writing (poems, songs, stories, dramas, short plays and articles), handicraft making and such types of activities. People really appreciate me for the same and especially for my canvas oil paintings. This is my god given talent and you can say I am a born artist. I have a unique imagination power and a great sense of colour, structure and pattern. It is my keen desire to make a brilliant career in the field of art and painting but unfortunately I don't have any professional degree, diploma and even a short term course certificate of the same. Can you help me in this regard? How should I start my art career? Is it essential for me to join some courses? Can I start my career without a professional degree? I am a middle class person and I have so many responsibilities still I'll do everything to make my career as an artist. Please let me know according to my age and situation which are the cheap and best course suitable for me? I really need your help and guidance in this regard.
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Racquel Racquel | 8 days ago
In this line of work your rating is completely dependent on the connections you make and how you maintain them. Aesthetic is completely relative, and as a result unfortunately it doesn’t matter at all on how GOOD you are. It is more important to WHO thinks that you are good enough. And people taking courses after they are at your age are very rarely taken serious in the higher levels of the trade. I am putting aside my personal view on this matter and simply stating facts. If you want a career change: don't expect financial success unless you are closely connected with people you can interest in your achievements. Have many untalented people earned fortunes from “art”? Yes. Have people with no degree hopped into this at a much later age and earned a lot? Yes again. But here the matter is again to be relative: What would you call success? What would you call talented? If you feel for it, then go for it! Just keep in mind that it is polluted with very ugly people that are “sensitive”, jealous and backstabbing just to get one step ahead. If those people appreciating you that you mention are in a good head count… well you may just as well have an upper hand… It IS really not easy to predict. Try to go for courses that are highly populated with wealthy people, or courses that are famed for their success. As cruel as that may sound it is your best shot at changing your career and not being financially upset about it. On my part, (as I said above… success is also relative) I don’t believe in anything I said above and have never gone through any of the pain and hard work to be able to sell myself best. All I only want is to be able to gaze through pages in books, magazines and what not and not be able to stare at anything and end up saying “I can’t do that”. I simply want to be the best I can be. And a “Born Artist”?…never heard of one and I don’t believe they ever existed or will ever exist. Too immodest for my taste.
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Meliora Meliora
1. Of course it is a legitimate career. I mean, anybody could sell fish, even if he/she would get bored or not sell very much. Most works can be done but most people with a bit of brain, but not the work of an artist. Writing a book that is actually read by others is something. People don't have time for anything nowadays, why would they waste it on your book/movie/music? Unless it is great, of course. 2. I love art. :) 3. They should make money for they art. It makes the world smile. Yet, rich artists don't usually make such good art, and that's proven: suffering is extremely inspiring. 4. Eh, I don't have one. But, well, is that is what he/she likes, go ahead. I cannot stop it anyway, so I might as well help. 5. Err....I wanna be? I wanna become a writer, d'oh. Hard. Yeah. Most people say it isn't worth it. 6. I think of a Picasso painting. Something that not all can understand. Not everybody can feel. And those who can, well, they rarely do it in the same way. Paintings, books, music, movies, photography etc. they might want to show a feeling, but they usually get different from different people. Anyway :)
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Lee Lee
It's gonna be tough, but you sound like you want it, & that is wonderful:) Seek out galleries or even restaurants in your area that would be willing to display your work. Set up meetings & present a portfolio. Find a network of artists (online is a good way to do this) that you can talk to about events in your area, and that can work you through any questions you might have that you wouldn't have been able to address b/c you didn't attend an art college. (painting techniques, etc.) These are some of your first steps. I spent one entire summer selling my work in a store near my house, while at the same time doing portraits on commission. This store owner allowed me to advertise my services in her store & I got orders even from other states! Hand out business cards like crazy, and get a professional to create a website for you. It is so much about contacts. I'll be honest, I never had a consistent income. I'd go for 2, three weeks at a time with nothing and then suddenly I'd sell 3 paintings in one weekend. You might think about keeping a part time job elsewhere until you really feel like this thing is off the ground. You said you taught...if you could do that during the year & use your summers to sell...I don't know, just thinking out loud for you. Taking a class isn't a bad idea, just to get your mind flowing. Lastly, research some "self-taught" artists online. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised & motivated:) They make up some of the best! Good luck!
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Joisse Joisse
You don't have to have formal training in art to succeed, simply a gift that others wish to pay for in some way, however, I would suggest that some sort of art education can be very helpful, not simply to teach you how to create, but for the creative enviromnent you would be part of, which helps with inspiration and motivation. This doesn't mean I'm suggesting you have to do a full-time degree... even just leisure classes in the areas you have an interest in can be very helpful. You may also find it useful to try some classes in media you haven't yet considered, some of which do require some learned skill, such as some ceramics techniques, printmaking etc. One discipline that is extremely useful to any artist is lifedrawing, which one should, ideally, be practising on a regular basis to keep your observation skills well tuned. At the very least, I would recommend joining a life class. Of course, if you even wished to explore art as a subject to teach in a formal setting, employers would want a formal qualification.
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Geena Geena
Art is one of those wonderful career paths in which you do not need a degree! Just go for it! Maybe teach part time or substitute until you get your feet off the ground but just do it! Draw, Paint, Write. Maybe open up a gallery and house your artwork! Just paint and sell, draw and sel, etc. Maybe do some mixed media with your poems and artwork. Find your "thing" and just pursue it!! Hope this helped! I'd like to see some of your work! Could you post some on here sometime? Thanks!
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Decima Decima
If you have a natural gift, you don't necessarily need an education to be an artist. If I were you, I would start designing and painting things, then look into local galleries or stores that sell artist's wares on commission. You could also plan to attend local fairs or craft shows. If you think you need additional training, you could always take a few college or community art classes every now and then. Good luck!
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Brittany Brittany
You can pat yourself on the back all you want, but if you can't show us any of your work i wouldn't even venture to guess as to whether you stand a chance or not, also, have you sold anything yet or taken on any works on commission? I can answer one thing, you don't need a degree or diploma in art to be a successful artist, but i can tell you it's not easy and it will take alot work on your part. Setting up a website and posting your work might be a good start if you are looking for good honest opinions from people other than your friends and family.
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