I am depressed and cant stop crying?

I am depressed and cant stop crying? Topic: I am depressed and cant stop crying?
June 24, 2019 / By Vivyan
Question: ok so im 13 years old and i cry at everything. i cant even help it. like any time anything happens to me at all i cry. my friend danielle always used to tell me i was fat. she didnt really mean any harm and i know that but it just made me cry every time. whenever i get mad at my mom and run up to my room and try not to cry but i cant help it and start crying so hard. every valentines day i have a total breakdown because everyone can get a guy but me. i dont have my friends over a lot because i have homework on school days and on the weekends i just want to stay home all day. i cry when i have to go over to my friend kateys house because we just dont click anymore. i always end up wishing i was alone and curled up on my couch watching tv. alone. as always. my mom once told me i was becoming a loner and i cried. and yesterday I JUST STARTED CRYING FOR NO REASON!!! what is freaking wrong with me???? and the only way i can stop crying is to dig my nails into my skin really hard. i once made a mark that stayed there for a month. and yea that cant be healthy. i always think about suicide (not actually considering doing it but just thinking about what people would say if i did commit suicide) and am always kinda depressed but try not to show it. what can i do to make myself happy and not cry anymore? im just so down these days. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! no!!! please please please dont give me links to sad pictures or tell me about sad things. that makes me feel so horrible to know that i have this life i should be so happy about while others are so much worse off that me. ugh i feel like such a spoiled brat!!
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Shannen Shannen | 6 days ago
Love, you're going through adolescence. I personally went through the same thing you did, and it hurt...and then one day...it was gone. -But it took a lot on my part. [REALIZE THAT NOT ALL OF THIS MAY APPLY TO YOU!] Find something that you like to do. Don't listen to what people say about it, because its what makes you happy. For me, it was painting. When I cried, I grabbed a canvas and painted. As my sorrows filled the page, I started to feel better about myself-I had something special in this world. ...And you know that you can make something beautiful. Try eating healthier foods, regardless of whether you're trying to lose weight or not. Love, whatever you do, eat. You need to eat. I went through a few years of anorexia. You lose weight, but when you start eating again, your body stores it up so it will last longer. --Try soynuts. *I know they have a bad rap, but they really aren't bad, they're very light, and filling. --Don't drink soda *No one needs the sugar and calories --DO NOT grab a Diet Coke [Aspartame] *Aspartame is an addictive chemical sugar-substitute that has links to obesity, stress, cancer, and migraines. --DO grab a Diet Rite --> These are made with the sugar-substitute "Sucralose" or "Splenda". Sucralose is not attributed with obesity, stress, cancer, migraines, etc. Sucralose is *made* from sugar. So far, studies have proven it to be rather healthy. Its a change from sugar, but once you get used to it, you'll stop craving sugary foods. --Don't cry and eat *1.) it will become a habit 2.) food will not soothe you. Next, just...don't take your parents so terribly seriously. Your mom may have said you were a loner cruelly, dubiously, or lovingly-I don't know. However, regardless of HOW she said it, she said it because she loves you (even if she never shows it) and she would hate to see you become something or someone she knows you're not. Meaning, she wouldn't say that if she didn't believe in you. If she had no confidence in you, she wouldn't care and she wouldn't say anything. Gah...don't mutilate yourself. Please...everyone has thought of suicide. Some worse than others. I'm not going to lie to you; as a freshman in high school, I tried to light myself on fire. NOW, I am not saying that this behavior is acceptable. I didn't. What would your mother do. Even if she "hates" you, she would cry. She would never forgive herself. -and that is not a reason to do it either. As amazingly sadistic it is to think about the pain you would cause others, think about how you would affect them for the rest of their life. If all you can do is think about how you finally "got back" at them, then I have nothing to say. That's selfish. For that, I have no pity. I have respect for the people who fall far and take a moment to realize that they can climb back up. Look outside. I know right now it isn't so lovely, but take time to look at the little things. Look at the veins in the leaf. Look at it differently. You've seen it a million times, but if you examine every bit...its like you've never seen it before. Look at the trees, the way they sway in the wind. Hold a stone in your hand and feel every bump, every niche. You'll find yourself more aware, more wise, and more at peace with yourself and everything around you...and if you cry, they will be tears of joy. I realize that sounds like absolute b*ll sh*t-that's what my initial reaction to that would have been, but, love, its easier if you spend these years listening, writing, painting, running, climbing, swimming, whatever you like to do... I never got a guy at that age. All my friend had boyfriends and girlfriends and they were so happy. In the end, though, none of those relationships lasted, and none of them were real. Junior-high boys will not love a girl; infatuation, perhaps, but not love. I went through Junior-high Valentine's day candy/flower messages every year where everyone in every class of mine had one but me. To be frank, all you've got is yourself to love-and perhaps, a little furry (adopting a baby guinea pig really helped me; raising him and watching his personality flourish). Get a pet. "I've already got one" NO. Get a little pet. Like a baby guinea pig. I say guinea pig and not hamster because guinea pigs have distinguishable personalities. Mine never squeaked; so there's nothing to fret over that. Raising a helpless little baby animal really...it really helped me. Every time I wanted to kill myself, I'd look at that poor thing and realize that he needed me. If I died, he would die. He was "my baby". Though, you really don't need to get a pet. It helped me. ...But if you do, pick them all up and find the one that seems to just melt in your arms and look into your soul.
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Shannen Originally Answered: [-HELP NEEDED-] For no reason I'm crying like heck, and now my family's annoyed with me. I feel depressed.
It may not be mental related... if you're due for your period that could be a reason, a lot of girls and women have weird reactions to things around that time... I typically cry over things that normally don't bother me, even if someone is annoying me instead of getting mad, I'll cry, but I only do it when I'm about to get my period, so I believe it has something to do with that. However if you're in the middle of your cycle, perhaps talk to a guidance counselor at school. Things are confidential so you don't have to feel like you're loosing pride.

Orchid Orchid
You are definitely depressed. This isn't environmental depression; there is something wrong with the chemical balances in your brain, and you can't control that. The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to go see a doctor. No matter how painful, embarassing, or unconvenient it is, only a professional can help you with your problem. They will give you medicine, therapy, or a combination of both, and it just might work wonders for you and your life. Other than going to the doctor, try to cheer up and vent off your depression/frustration of life by writing in a journal, taking walks in nature, or listening to some peaceful music. I've had a friend who was depressed, and she didn't tell anyone about it for a long time. She tried committing suicide twice. Then, her parents found out and she was forced to go see a doctor. And now her life is much better.
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Makayla Makayla
You're a baby, it's call teenage angst, you're just acting like an emo! No doubt you're annoying everyone you know with this little charade. And they are all going to get sick of you very quickly then you'll really have something to cry about. You need to stop being so self involved with yourself, and exaggerating every little task in your life, like homework, cone on..?? You sound like a spoiled brat, life ain't so bad, cheer the eff up.
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Kiarra Kiarra
It's called puberty...it will pass. There is also the possibility that your not getting the right diet. Start doing some research on-line about diet and depression. If nothing else, it will be a distraction to keep you from wallowing in self-pity. And one more thing, it could be worse, you could be living in the middle-east with your arm or leg blown off by a u.s. made cluster bomb.
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Jakki Jakki
Eh, When i was 13 I had frequent crashes too. I'm pretty sure it's just emotional growing pains. Time is moving faster for you, and you're having a hard time adjusting to change. Everyone deals with it differently. If you need to talk about you can PM me at [email protected]
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Jakki Originally Answered: Can't stop crying. Is it silly to cry over something like this?
If your teacher was supposed to pick the good kids but picked the bad kids it means you are a good kid, so do not cry, also if you know you are a good kid that is what you are, trust yourself.

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