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Question: I am just a 19th year old guy..I am really a open minded person.I love helping peoples as well..But the thing is when i try to do something good I always have to suffer myself too much ...I never really found a friend to whom i can trust till yet..I dont know why am i so unlucky that i never even had a single friend... Everyone cheats and misuses me in the name of friend ship:- - 4 Years back i had a friend in a school we used to go together named Sam..One day I had burrowed a Ipod from another friend of worth something like 100 dollars..the next day sam came into my house n without notice he stoled Ipod from my room and went away.. I hadnt any proof that he stole it . But it was certain that no one was home that moment,n when he stole it,as i talked to him abt it .he looked so nervous. n from the next day instead of supporting me he was like avoiding me ..The Ipod owner threatened me that he would bring gangsters to beat me....with much painful situation i paid the price later - There was also a nice friend nearby my home.we had a nice relation before.. He used to wear glasses..one day as we were having fun..accidently my hands passed through his head and his glasses fell of .n it broke . n he convinced me that i should pay the damages ...When i paid for it . since that day he stopped talking to me .. - When i was having a board exam of my school,there was also another friend close to me..during examination he sat infront of me.. there were pretty much tight rules for exam.. I wasnt feeling much comfortable to show my answer sheet as he was asking to me no of ques.. I just said i will show him later..I dont know why he got mad out of me.. n He stopped talking to me since then - I am really passionate about musics,when i was studing in the higher level classes...some of my friends asked me to lend my guitar for few days..it costed worth 300 dolllars..I thought they really need my help .. so i gave it .. after few days when i asked for it...they said it got lost.in the way ... i tried to figure out how did that happend....They werent ready to pay for it .. instead i got threated that i might get beaten up again if i keep on asking too much for this again .. - Recently i am an account student..we have to study some books imported from another country....I had one of them..One of my class mate asked me to lend that book for few days .he told that he has to make few notes for it..i thought i need to help him as i was in real trouble...n from the next day i heard that he got disappeared from town.. Now my examination is really getting very close....I am just starting to lose hope.. when i call him.i noticed his phone is offed.. These are some of the cases that has always brought be broken down....I dont know why I just get misused...I m really so depressed...I just cant trust anyone.....I am always tensed....Plz help.............
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Spirit Spirit | 8 days ago
same here.... except im younger... i dont keep friends or nothing cause their abusive and what not... the best advice i can give is to get new friends that dont take advantage of you
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Spirit Originally Answered: I have no friends but I start summer school soon, can someone give me tips on how I can make friends in class?
Well if you're speaking of college. That is tough. But the basics of getting a friend as a college student is easy. Offer to study with them, or join a study group. You have to introduce yourself. Talk to them, and don't seem weird to them. Though this is easy to do. Especially if your a bit more extroverted or a bit more introverted than them. In the end it boils down to your personality, and how compatible it is with others. Some people attract friends, and others seek them. Then there are those who seek them but somehow attract people they weren't even pursuing. But most of everyone makes a friend from a friend. Meaning you meet them from a 2nd or 3rd person.. Its strange right? Though this is most of the case. You can make new friends. Its a tough road though, but get use to being alone for a bit. It isn't a bad thing. It allows you to assess yourself as a person, and what are you. Know yourself before making new friends.

Oswald Oswald
Awhh I feel you, this was exactly me three years ago. Like people said you have to set up some rules, people always take kindness as an advantage.Try to find people that you can relate to rather then people that just want to talk to you so they can take something from you. I know its difficult to say no but sometimes you have to do it. And things that are precious to you like your guitar don't give those things so easily to random people, you have to realize that true friends are the ones that you've been with for awhile and supported you and gave you advice when you needed it not some people that you've only been friends with for like 2 or 3 months, hard cold truth people are different on the inside then the outside :( I know I've been used many times because I was super kind. Think before you act, you'll eventually find true friends. And maybe when giving notes try to come up with others ways you can lend it like photocopying it for them.
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Leroy Leroy
I do feel sorry for you. Try getting a friend that does not take advatage of you and is similar in personality. You have a set of very nasty "Friends"
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James James
I agree with Karl but what I think you should do is just stay to yourself. People are too manipulative today. No offense to some but it's true.
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James Originally Answered: ok so i have like 3 friends and they always ask me to do their home work and i do it cuz their my friends?
They are totally using you. You can test it for yourself if you do not believe me. Next time they ask you to do their homework say no, they may be okay the 1st time, but I bet pretty soon they will not want anything to do with you if you stop. Find some friends that like you for you, not for the fact that you do their homework (no matter how hard it is).

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