I am writing a paper on WELFARE PROGRAM ISSUES 2010?

I am writing a paper on WELFARE PROGRAM ISSUES 2010? Topic: I am writing a paper on WELFARE PROGRAM ISSUES 2010?
July 16, 2019 / By Ulla
Question: In the paper, I want to show the two sides of welfare, that is, the one side of people who are on it because they really need it and are working to get off of it, and the other group who are just "lazy" or want an "easier" lot in life. I don't mean to offend anyone, I am doing research on the topic. I don't know much about either side, but in news articles and comment boards I have seen people discuss both sides. I have found 4 good articles I could use for my paper from legitimate sources i.e. foxnews.com, cnn.com, Newy York Times, Atlantic Monthly, etc. If you know of any articles you think might help me in forming the two opinins please post them in the answer.
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Sara Sara | 5 days ago
Hmmm, if the government gives me money, then why should i work??? Lets see, the government gives me money for 1 kid, and i have another and get more money, Why not have another? Ain't government great----just sayin
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As a middle school teacher, I think the perfect topic is HOMEWORK! 1) they don't do it 2) they hate it 3) it cements the lesson from that day 4) practice makes perfect - build good habits for high school and beyond 5) what is more important than a quality education Too much useless homework vs. necessary repetition of topics for clear, in-depth understanding. HW is a topic that is relevant to them! If you cover controversial issues like abortion and sex with middle school aged children, expect a few irate phone calls from conservative parents who will be sure to tell you that you have stepped over the line. .
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pass on your community video keep to discover Schindler's record, The Pianist(2002), and Sophie Scholl(The findal days). All those video clips provide good depiction for the suffering of the vulnerables. BTW, YA is a reasonably good website which you would be able to hear what people say approximately immigration challenge. sometimes, you will discover all the ????? techniques: moats on the border fill with crocodiles, land mines, shoot at sight, confiscation of illegals' factors, illegals has extra rights than criminal one in this united states, and unlawful extraterrestrial beings cuaused California wild fireplace. Do i'd desire to pass on for extra? You be your individual choose, and good success collectively with your undertaking.

Nona Nona
If I could leach, sleep with my legs....drop kids one a year and sit on my a...take in money for this guess I would too, NOW the welfare people gets phones, yes tax payers we are paying for that too. Why in the hell do they need a phone? I heard today one woman has been on welfare for yes folks 23 years....I wonder what she tells the welfare department...."Well I've been looking".....The people that need it are those that paid into it for years, the ones that have been leaching for years....should be kicked off. They should only get welfare for 2 kids, soon as the kids become of age to go to school they MOTHER should get a Job. I was wondering too, when they reach um I guess you call it retirement age???? where are they going to get money and free stuff then?
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Lyssa Lyssa
if white not married to some other race you get nothing all others ok illegals very good get every thing you want and more wood it be that Obama aunt here illegal on welfare?
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you could do it on the presidential election. discuss the diffrences between the democratic and the rebuplican diffrences. im not sure if that will help but i hope it dose!

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