I dont know what else to do!?

I dont know what else to do!? Topic: I dont know what else to do!?
June 24, 2019 / By Anetta
Question: Before reading the rest of this question please refer to this question. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AqDP8Us4m73PeGIa8enqYNjty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081231160730AA6VyLK Okay so I decided to find another mobile groomer. We explain to him what happend with the previous groomer and he was shocked! He said he was extrenely careful. But he did the same thing as the previous ogroomer. My dog has 2 scabs. What should I do know? And should I try him again...and tell him to be more careful? Thank you..so much! Have a nice day Hi Guys! I miss Y!A soo much. I wasnt on for a while because I have been having tons of homework and since we were having a standerdized test I was caught studying long hours. But the test is now over so I will be on most likely 3 times a week!! So that's good. So, anyway how are the trolls?? Are there less? Has Erin come back and visited lately? And is there anything new? A new dog regulars? Anyway...thanks alot! And have a very nice day(:
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Wilburn Wilburn | 5 days ago
Your best bet is to find a new groomer. However, do not take your dog to the groomer just yet. Ask for at least 3 references. Call them. Ask questions. Interview the groomer also. Yet, again, those two scabs could be from a previous injury you probably did not notice right away (it happens). It is really up to you if you want to do anything. If you feel that these scabs were caused by the new groomer, then change groomers. If not, give the groomer another try. Another thing you can do is groom your dog yourself. I don't know if it is the case where you live, but where I live, there are these salons that you can groom your own dog. These salons also have groomers that can assist you. I just really feel bad for your dog. I cannot believe he has been hurt. Poor baby! Good luck!
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Wilburn Originally Answered: I dont know what to do?
Breathe. I know where you are, in fact, you're not at all in this alone. I'm in ninth this year too, was elected as community service NJHS leader and loads of homework and an annoying sister to come home to. The only thing I can do is take mini escapes. I don't know if you're like me but, I can rely on two things when I need to. Music, some sport (cycling mostly, then jogging both on my own), or my sweetest escape is just nature. I don't know. I've been growing a sunflower since earthday so every time I water it, I take advantage and take the long way to the back yard. And I just can't resist just laying down on the grass and forgeting everything. Do things that will keep your mind off of how much work you've got, because automatically saying you're stressed makes you even MORE stressed. Listen, stay away from the social life a little bit, get adjusted with your stuff and then jump back in again. It's just the begining so I guess you and I are having a little trouble adjusting back to normal routine. Your brother? Well, just keep your distance in your class and if he picks on you in the club show no fear and just let him do it to you. Don't defend yourself. He'll get tired of it. He'll actually get bored with it. And I mean all around, just have like no reaction. Unless he does something SUPER embarrasing like water all over pant er w/e. Breathe. That's pretty much it. You've gotta set your priorities and tell yourself that something dont matter right now (ahem, your brother). Don't explode unless you severly have to. And if you do, that's okay, as long as you don't explode on SOMEONE. Sorry, I caps that cuz i meant to italicize that or something. Hey, we're on the same planet. Hop on to the next with me, we'll go cloud surfing =].

Sawyer Sawyer
Just to play devils advocate this sounds a little weird. I could understand if you said the dog had razor burn( red rash) It is strange that you say its the fault of 2 different groomers. If the dog was matted the scabs could have been there without you noticing. If the dog has allergies the scabs could have already been there. I think you should evacuate what kind of shape the dogs hair is, before it is groomed. Before you have the dog groomed again, meet with the groomer and the two of you need to evaluate the dogs skin.
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Nathan Nathan
Groomers who try to work fast to get the job done will cause razor burn & nicks & scratches all over. It is typical of a lot of shops. It is also impossible to not hurt a dog that is not being cooperative. If a dog is fighting you through out the whole processes you can not do a good job. So it may have not been the groomer, it could be the way your dog behaved while getting groomed. Try to find a very small shop that is not real busy. The groomer will have more time to spend on your dog. When I groomed dog I had a job to do & I wasn't about to let any of the antics stop me from my job. I did specialize in behavioral problems & did lots of nasty temperamental dogs & I usually dog a good job regardless of their nastiness.
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Kerr Kerr
That's horrible. I've never had that problem because I groom my toy poodle myself. I just took him in to a local groomer to get a good foundation and when his hair staring growing back I just trimmed him up. I use scissors, but you could go to Walmart and get your own clippers and combs. They come in a set for under $30.
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Kerr Originally Answered: Life is a ***** dont you think?
Women live in a rough landscape. Sometimes, you're sailing over quiet waters and then here comes a storm that tosses you about. You get all kinds of upset. Like all women, you have to take the good with bad and try you damnedest to keep an even keel. Given how sick feeling you are that is not an easy task. Try to keep in mind that those around you didn't buy a ticket on the voyage and you just can't shanghai them to come along on your trip through the storm. That's your problem even if that does give you a bad case of videorectitus. ( That's where you're optic crosses with your sphincter nerve and it gives you a shitty outlook on life.)

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