I hate this school SO MUCH, that it makes me hate my life.?

I hate this school SO MUCH, that it makes me hate my life.? Topic: I hate this school SO MUCH, that it makes me hate my life.?
June 19, 2019 / By Tahnee
Question: Okay, so I went to this one school that I absolutely loved. I had a lot of friends, I got all A's, there wasn't a lot of drama, i was in track and cross country, and did very good in both; everything was perfect. I actually looked forward to going every morning. I pretty much grew up at that school..Then my mom wanted to move to a bigger city (which i'm not used to at all.) We ended up moving 3 times that year, and I hated all 3 schools. I went to one school, that was WAY WAY WAY to big, so I was either lost, or there where a lot of preppy people there making fun of me. I hated it. The other school, was a little smaller, but same problem. The other school, was small, but of course, They all grew up together, so I wasn't welcome. I made a 'friend' there. She seemed really cool. and then I was in an accident, and was hurt very bad. I broke a lot of bones in my face and had to have plastic surgery, which i obviously didn't look exactly the same, but not terrible. So, my "friend" started rumors saying I was in a mental hospital and everything, so I was being labeled as a "freak" and when i finally came back I was being called a fake and ugly and stuff, cuz of the plastic surgery. And my mom seemed to have never cared. She was happy, and that's what mattered. I know she loves me, but still. I ended up being held back for falling behind, while i was in the hospital, but i ended up testing out of the grade so that i'm in the right grade. And now I'm in 8th grade. I'm still being messed with, people spit on me, and throw things. And on top of that, I'm stressed from work. I hate the school so when i come home, I wanna focus on being home. Not staying up from 3 pm to 1 am doing homework. I HATE THIS. I'm so so so stressed! I also have an auto immune disease and i had to have an ultrasound done so they could see how much it improved and then my "friend" told everyone that I was pregnant, now I'm being called a slut. What do I do???? I seriously want to runaway, but that's not very logical, but I definentley don't want to go to that school!!!! Please help me!!! Thanks. BTW I'm so sorry for the long story lol, i just now realized how long it was. Thank you if u read it tho :) My mom doesnt want me doing online schooling. I asked her, she said she wants me in public schools, I asked her that right when we moved D: It sucks I was seeing a therapist, but she discharged me over the summer because i was doing better, of course that was because I wasnt at school. And yeah, i constantly ask why I can go back to my old school and my mom says, "cause we dont live there, this is where we live"
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Reeta Reeta | 7 days ago
It's just that a lot of stuff happened to you at once. First, split with this "friend", she is poison. Second, have you talked to your mother about this? If you tell her that you're being spat on and feel like you're in hell, she'll probably listen. I know moving to a new school when you're very well-established sucks and screws everything up, but like everything, it's not going to go away and you can't run from it. Third, does anyone at the school know about this? Surely some adult would care that you're being called a slut, mental patient, etc. Thirdly, how's your course load? is it really heavy? You might want to consider lightening up a little or spreading out the tough classes next time you schedule. Fourth, have you confronted these girls? If you haven't, do it. Be polite (or try) so they have nothing on you, but don't do nothing; speaking from experience, I know that only ostracizes you. Fifth, you have a job? in 8th grade? I might suggest taking some kind of leave if you can't deal with everything.
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Reeta Originally Answered: i hate my life, help me?
Jeff, don't end your life. First off your 15, not a fantastic time, so don't think your alone. probably 90%of people would agree that period oof time sucks. Im 19, i use marijuana medicinally illegally, it helps me, so i really don't know what to say about the pot, or the one testicle thingg.. anyways, I donn't know you so im not gonna pretend to completely comprehend your deal. but i will say this, when people say that u just grow up and it gets better it really does. but it's not an occurance, its you growing up and maturing and realizing it was mostly your fault that you felt like sshit all that time. so, step back from your life, put things into perspective, find what makes you happy, empathize with others, be a kind, genuine person and you should be set jeffrey.

Michayla Michayla
There are anti-bullying laws now, find out what they are where u are. So many times, people make fun of others because their own home lives are awful and they take it out on others in order to boost their own self esteem. I would tell them, " your lives must suck if you have to spend so much of your time gossipiing about me" or "do your parents beat you or neglect you or somethning that you have to spend so much energy and time focusing on me?" this will make them feel small and stupid and hopefully see what they are doing is time wasting. Running away is not the solution, street kids are forced into prostitution and drugs. Dont let these turds ruin you. Be stronger than that. Find an activity or a group outside of school that can be a diversion from this and give you a support system. Homework does suck, I used to do till all hours then i just did what I could in study hall. I took alot of classes that didnt require so much work. And you know what? I still got into college, so no big whoop. when you get out of highschool and enter the adult world, this stuff is so insigificant. it sucks now but try to find out of school support, there are groups and stuff out there.
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Lex Lex
your moms happiness is important, but yours is important too, and you arnt finding happiness at that crap hole of a school. The people sound like complete stupid idiotic jerks, you need to tell your mom all this and say you truly are not feeling right. If she still wants to live here you could do online schooling, I hated my school as well, ther was so many rumors about me as well (that I was a stuck up, snobby barbie and stuff) I felt terrible ther, and now I've been doing online school for a few years and absolutely adore it. Look into Liberty Online Academy you can do it all around the world. Don't runaway, talk to your mom about all this and come up with a solution, its not fair for you to have to live this way. Have you ever asked to move back to your original school? good luck, God bless
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Judie Judie
That's horrible. That's disgusting, actually. No one should be treated like that, but sadly, it happens. That 'friend' of yours just seems to look at you as a play thing. What I recommend is the 'peaceful' approach instead of a physical, violent one. I've never, ever been through something like that, so it's hard to try and feel into your shoes to recommend anything. Hm. Let's start this with your mom. Of course starting on the inside is good too, but you seem to know your situation enough. She's happy, so everything's fine. Tell her, calmy, like you're being professional, everything that's happening to you. Tell her in a straight face, with eye contact at 100%. She has to listen. If she looks away, tell her (kindly) to look at your eyes again. Tell as much authority as possible. Also, a good thing to do is tell your mom how children who go through situations like this end up suicidal most of the times. She wouldn't want you to go through that, I hope. If she doesn't believe you, ask her why. Try to delve deeper and deeper, because this really is a problem you need to solve. Try not to make her feel guilty though, if possible, cause that can just stress things out even more. Talk to your teachers and the people that are important in this situation about how your school work is going, because all of this stress from bullying (that IS what it is) is causing. You honestly just have to keep trying until they listen. Be strong. It's hard, but having someone to talk to is a good deal of help. If there's no one to talk to, then there's nothing wrong with a diary. I have no one to talk to about anything (just to let you know that it's okay). A good thing to do is to distract yourself. Try to laugh, because stress causes a major load of problems. It might sound funny, but try to have a goal of smiling/laughing each day. It can help. Also, another thing that can help is your mindset, and the way you look at things. It's hard, but a positive mindset works wonders. To motivate yourself, try and watch/read things that inspire you. Hope this can be helpful. I'm always willing to talk about things. I'm just a girl going into a high school in a different territory. These are just my thoughts.
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Gina Gina
You know, i just read it because at the end you realize that what you wrote is kind of long and that made me like you... anyway, what do you do? you politely ask people to please stop bothering you, pretty much like 'could you please be so kind as to stop bothering me?' if they don't do so that means they're children, and that you have made your best and you can have a good sleep, if they try to physically attack you defend yourself to death, if you kill somebody it will be in defense, before resorting to that also first ask them politely to stop bothering. I am sorry you feel like you have no friends now, just be nice to people and eventually you will have friends. If i were you i would go see a psychologist, you may be already seeing one but that I can't tell, talk to him or her about your stress, stress can drove anybody insane so be careful with that. Unless she apologizes for being an idiot, your 'friend' is worthless. I don't recommend you escape from school bur rather face it. Good luck girl.
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Deniece Deniece
Mate i comprehend your very obsessed with hating college. in case you keep questioning approximately hating college it in simple terms gets worst and you will even get extra disillusioned and annoyed approximately college. Why no longer think of roughly issues you do like? in case you think of appropriate to the thinks which you desire to do and are obsessed with your life and school will grow to be extra effectual. Why no longer think of on your head that English type the place the instructor isn't stressful and he will become dazzling and visualize you liking college. It sounds an gay and unusual yet thrust me this has worked for a lot of human beings and the everyday ones...
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Deniece Originally Answered: I hate my life?
Exercising often and getting adequate and regular sleep each night will help lower depression, stress and anxiety. Eat healthy, (lots of fruits and veggies) eat foods low in sugar, fat, and carbs. Limit eating foods with preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners, sugar, high fructose corn syrup and caffeine, these and a Vitamin B complex deficiency can cause emotional disturbances in the brain...eat fish, fish oil/omega3 is a natural antidepressant and enhances brain function (even a tuna fish sandwich 2X a week or fish oil supplements, inexpensive and available at any pharmacy/walmart) liver, pork, chicken and potatoes are also high in vitamin B1-12. Drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated, helping to digest food and flush waste faster. Get outside in the sunshine, your brain will produce dopamine to naturally lift your mood and Vitamin D to enhance your body's ability to absorb nutrition. Masturbation reduces depression and is a great stress reliever, but excessive masturbation causes the brain and adrenal glands to over-produce dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine, (endorphins) causing an hormonal imbalance and adverse effects in your brain's receptors. Wean yourself off excessive masturbating, when you get the urge, go for a walk, get out in public... doing it less and less, until it is no longer an addicting habit. Take Beano or Gas-x to relieve gas symptoms. Be more creative, find ways to express yourself through writing, art, music, sports, or anything you enjoy. Don't isolate yourself, talking, hanging out and having fun with friends makes us happy, call them up and invite them over to play cards, meet at the gym to workout or go out and have fun...you didn't mention dating, spending time, sharing dreams and goals and having sex with a special person will enhance your life and give you something to look forward to...smile and ask the person you are attracted to out for a date, don't fear rejection, be confident, smile and ask. "Would you like to go out for pizza friday night?" This will increase interest and motivation and help you overcome depression...how you project yourself to the world is how people will respond to you.

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