I have always loved wearing dresses.?

I have always loved wearing dresses.? Topic: I have always loved wearing dresses.?
June 27, 2019 / By Ailie
Question: I should have been born female. Do any of you girls like helping me with this? I wear bras and panties to work, now, I think I am going to wear a really cute dress to work. What can they possibly do?
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Tolbert Tolbert | 6 days ago
Oh, I don't know about wearing a dress to work. It's one thing to wear ladies underwear, as noone else can see them, but being a male and wearing a dress to work is another. What can they possibly do? Do your homework because Human Resources may have a means for dismissal on the grounds of harrassment.If you turn up in a dress and people complain, then they can claim harrassment. Although this won't be an immediate dismissal, you'll then be 'blacklisted' and subjected to performance reviews and any little thing you do wrong will be marked on your record. Unfortunately it will only be a matter of time before they find a legal reason to fire you. Which is unfair, but unfortunately that's the world. If you do this, everyone will treat you differently and not for the better. For the sake of your career (if it means your livelihood) I would not express my female sexuality to your work place. If your'e determined to do this, however I would suggest you speak to HR and tell them your intentions and get their advice. I would suggest that you find a therapist to speak to who can help you through all these feelings. They are qualified to give you good, professional, unbiased advice. They can help you more than anyone here can. I wish you all the luck and would really like you to let us all know you how go. Take Care.
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Rashawn Rashawn
nothing. if you are fired, then it's discrimination, unless you aren't performing your work duties. be yourself, but if you have strong feelings about it, talk to a therapist. he/she can help you make decisions for the rest of your life. i hope that this is a real question, because it's not nice to make fun of others who go through this every day of their lives.
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Mason Mason
Wear a bra n pantie.... dont tell any1. dont wear the dress. U can undergo a sex operatin. i dunno if u get it there, but ull definitely get it in Thailand or Singapore. It'll cost u big bucks.
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Jett Jett
hey aren't you a guy?? I'm not too sure if dresses and other girlie things really look nice on a guy
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