I have summer homework have to read 3 books?help?

I have summer homework have to read 3 books?help? Topic: I have summer homework have to read 3 books?help?
June 27, 2019 / By Adela
Question: im not dedicated to reading its just that i get distracted i procrastinate and make excusesl ike oh look theres my keyboard, hey look at the day i should walk my dog, hmm i think ima jump on the tampoline, or ima use my computer, how do i focus i can focus on doing sports or waching tv or playing instuments or drwing anything except reading n doing it for homework the books are already selected and one is about history
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Best Answers: I have summer homework have to read 3 books?help?

Taskill Taskill | 7 days ago
To help keep you focused on reading books, you have to find a subject that really captivates you, like action, romance, sci-fi, etc. I personally like the Harry Potter books, and the Percy Jackson books, but everyone is different. Maybe say that you have to read for an hour to be able to go on the computer, or do what you want, for thirty minutes. Hope this helps and good luck.
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Perry Perry
See if you can get audio versions of what you have the ones you have to read, Audible.com have loads, download to you pc or ipod/mp3 and take the audio with you even walking the dog or doing your sports. I use audio when I have to do housework or in the car, or just on my laptop like now, I am listening to The Passage by Justin Cronin.
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Lucky Lucky
hmm, well as dorky as it sounds, it usually works, try to picture that your the person of the book or even a side person maybe?? like for example in the book lets say it starts out saying: it was a cold, dark morning, the sun had just barley began to come up. or something like that haha just picture yourself in that position, for some people it works, hope it works for you :P latersss
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Jedidiah Jedidiah
Find books you enjoy. Read a book about trampolines or sports or how musical instruments are made.
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Gareth Gareth
i know im gonna get so many thumbs down for this, but whatever. 1. rent the movie. 2. pinkmonkey.com (dosent have too many books, but alot of info if you find the book you are looking for) 3. bookrags.com (my fav site. it has chapter-by-chapter summaries) and now... BRING ON THE THUMBS! xD
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Derryl Derryl
dont do it. school work is for loser. and go to this website and register. http://www.points2shop.com/?ref=uin1279494270 its free so you better register.
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