I have to suffer too?

I have to suffer too? Topic: I have to suffer too?
June 26, 2019 / By Tilda
Question: my little sister procrastinates when it comes time to do her homework and that get's her into a lot of trouble including not be able to watch tv. But she does her homework in our room so that means I can't watch the tv either so I end up having to suffer with her and I don't want to say anything because I don't want to get into trouble What should I do?
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Roxane Roxane | 10 days ago
my parents always made us do our homework at the kitchen table so they know we were doing it. ask your parents to do the same and its not fair to you. just be nice about asking no sound like your complaining.
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Nannie Nannie
look if you had your works done then why you are locked with her this is not right you must tell your family that you have the right to watch tv don't involve me with her but talk slowly and calmly if that is going to bring trouble then you have to be patient for your sister and advise her about you're going to help her if there is a hard question or something and then we are going to watch tv together. so peace
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Lorin Lorin
Stick her head in the toilet until she agrees to get right on her homework.Nothing breaks the habit of procrastination like a few good swirlies!
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