I have to write an essay on Evolution vs. Creation!?

I have to write an essay on Evolution vs. Creation!? Topic: I have to write an essay on Evolution vs. Creation!?
June 26, 2019 / By Acklea
Question: Please help me I have to write an essay and I don't know what to write first of all I am doing a survey on what you belive please tell me . Second of all if you have any sites on it let me know THaNKS. P.S. THis is just a middle school report
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Staci Staci | 2 days ago
I have a book called: "Life How did it get here? By evolution or by creation?" To start off with, you could put this. Millions of people today believe in evolution. Other millions believe in creation. There are others that are so uncertain what they believe they are always searching for answers or just don't worry about it. Life is everywhere around us. It exists in the icy polar regions and in parched deserts. It is present to us all around the world. How did we get here? Did we evolve from apelike animals, or were we created. Just how did we get here, and what does the answer imply for our future? Questions like these have been around for a long time, and are still unanswered in the minds of many to this day. Think about this. Going on the evolutionary theory, it is said that very simple life forms gradually appear. Next, these simple forms are gradually changing into complex ones. There would be transitional "links' between different kinds. You would have beginnings of new body features, such as limbs, bones, and organs. The creation theory has complex life forms suddenly appearing. These complex life forms multiplying after their own biological kinds, though allowing for variety. There would be no transitional "links" between different biological families. Also, you would not have any partial body features, because they are made complete. Saying that humans and other beings upon our earth evolved from a single cell is harder and harder to believe, and yet, many do. Hope this helps you.
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Staci Originally Answered: Why do evolution and creation have to contradict each other?
I think that the two are not mutually exclusive. Some people believe that because there is a natural explanation for everything (evolution and the Big Bang) that God no longer had a role (or they believe the opposite, that because God created the world, evolution is not true). But it is possible that evolution is God's way of creating new life. I think it would be weird if every animal just popped into the world as a fully formed adult. Perhaps God started the process of making the universe with the Big Bang, and then carefully guided the stars and planets to form according to the laws of physics He created, and then created a spark of life on earth and guided evolution to produce all the animals. Perhaps he even guided our evolution carefully, infusing mankind with a soul at just the right moment. And many people disagree saying that in the Bible it says it took god "a day" for each step of creation. But God exists outside of time and space, so perhaps his time is different than ours. Or perhaps he just wanted us to use the reasoning powers he gave us to uncover the precise time scale. Imagine how confusing it would be if the Bible said that evolution happened- people 3000 years ago, who knew nothing of genetics, dinosaurs, or exotic animals would have NO idea what that meant. I think you are right to say both can be true.

Priscilla Priscilla
Here's something I wrote a while ago. ======================== "Darwinian evolutionary theory is no genuine scientific theory at all." Let's be clear. Science is supported by conducting experiments and making observations. Since you were not around at the time, and no one was around, this is not something you or anyone else observed. So when you talk about what happened a billion years ago, you must understand this is born out of someone's imagination, and not based on observations or any other scientific experiments. It's like a fairy tale. But think about it. We have the first law of thermodynamics (conservation of energy), and we have the second law of thermodynamics, that everything is running down. Things are going from order to disorder. And yet, the theory of evolution is based on the opposite. That things are going from simple to complex. This doesn't make sense. I say, let's stay scientific. And another thing, as we learn more about the most simple things, like single cells, we find they are far more complex than we ever imagined. And we have the problem of irreducible complexity. That is, when you start taking away some of the contents of a single cell, it doesn't work anymore. Thus there is no way this could "evolve." It's like, if half of your car engine was gone, including the fuel injection system for example, your car engine would not run. Darwin did not know anything about DNA when he developed his theory, and he did not know anything about the irreducible complexity of a single cell. And another thing, how would you explain MALE and FEMALE. How could two same but different organisms just come into existence out of nothing. And at the same time? And why do we need males and females? Why would this evolve this way? It doesn't make sense. Clearly, this was someone's DESIGN. And can you explain where the SEEDS came from? Think about all the different kinds of trees and plants, and they all come from seeds. Who designed these seeds? Who determined that some plants are big and some are small? Who designed the flowers? How can anyone look at all the different varieties of plants and flowers, and not see that someone DESIGNED all of these things? And what came first, the bees or the flowers? Or did they just both magically "evolve" at the same time? How did one exist without the other? Is it possible that both bees and flowers were DESIGNED by the same designer? We now know all about DNA, which is an entirely digital code found in each cell. Plants and animals all have this digital code. Someone wrote this code, like a master programmer. This code could not have just happened. That would be as ridiculous as saying "Windows-XP" just evolved out of nothing. What? No, a team of programmers wrote the code for Microsoft Windows. Do you realize that every cell in our bodies contain this DNA code? Who was the author or programmer? Again, the second law of thermodynamics means everything is running down from order to disorder. So this didn't just "happen." Someone created the universe from the biggest things down to the smallest things. And His fingerprints are all over His creation. His creation is all based on INFORMATION. Without this information, or DNA, there would be no living things. We have two choices. We can either accept that God created the universe, and everything in it, or we can make up some other theory. The reason people make up some other theory is because they do not want to believe in God.
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May May
My suggestion would be to check in with both sides of the issue...remembering that they are both THEORIES from a scientific point of view. I cannot think of an obvious choice right now but you could try www.afa.net and dig around in there. p.s. If you are going to review The Scopes Monkey Trial, make sure you review it all, not just the "secular" side of it. Scopes was chock full of scientific errors, let alone the more obvious ones. Good luck.
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Laurelle Laurelle
I believe in evolution. God provided the environment where we evolved. We are no less His creatures because we evolved. If we lived at the bottom of the ocean, we might have no eyes, as there is no light there, so we would not need eyes. If we lived in another part of the universe, we might look quite different as our physical environment would dictate different physical requirements for survival.
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Jillian Jillian
get working sweetie evolution-changing into something new creation-making something new I just thought that up off the top of my head sorry if it isn't fantastic
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Jillian Originally Answered: Should the concept of creation science AND the theory of evolution science be taught in public schools?
Creationism is not backed by a plethora of scientific studies. It's backed by a plethora of non-scientific studies. Scientific studies do not rely on selectively ignoring conflicting facts in order to "prove" a theory as the creationist theory. Scientific studies do not claim non-reliability in a technique such as dating at one point, while claiming reliabilty in the same technique when it supports a theory. Scientific studies that are not conducted with objectivity or scientific methods should not be taught. Hence, creationism should not be taught. Using your analogy, teaching creationism would not be like teaching children they have a right and left hand, it would be like teaching children they have three hands. But I'll say one thing, if creationism is allowed to be taught, I'll be sure that all origins of creation theories are taught, including the HOPI, Mayan, Chinese, Satanic, and Greek Mythologies that contribute to creation theory. I like the Hopi version where we all had tails and came from the center of the Earth! While I don't agree the theories are valid, I applaud your interest in fair treatment of creationism.

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