i just want to get over im. im heart broken all over again. i've never cried so hard in my life.?

i just want to get over im. im heart broken all over again. i've never cried so hard in my life.? Topic: i just want to get over im. im heart broken all over again. i've never cried so hard in my life.?
June 19, 2019 / By Vic
Question: please just anyone tell me how to get over someone. i went out with this guy for almost a year and he completely broke my heart. just completely. ive tried everything i can to get over him. ive hung out with friends, burned all the pictures, thrown away all the things hes ever given to me, and i even wrote a hate e-mail( but of course i didn't send it) but we started talking again about a week ago. and he was actually like flirting with me and we talked every day for a couple days. and we didnt talk for maybe 2 days. but within those 2 days i heard about alot of stuff that he was saying about me and that he liked this girl that i have met a couple times before. so finally i just got the guts to confron thim about it but only over texting of course. and we talked alot of things out. but it sounded like he was getting really defensize and jealoous. because i'm friends with this one guy that rides his bus and some how he brought him up and was liek you know he just wants to hook up with you and the only reason hes talking to you is for your body. and then we started talking about the girl he likes but the girl i heard it was likes him but apparently he doesnt like her back. actually i asked him a couple times if he was going to go out with her and he just said that he liked another girl. but of course he wouldnt tell me who the other girl was. and so i finally just asked him if he was over me. and he said idk. then i asked what he meant and he said and he said that he misses me but he doesnt want to go out. and then i asked if he ever wanted to goo back out and he said well honestly i dont think so. and then i just stopped texting him because i was so pissed.and i know you guys reading this probably think im so pathetic. but you guys dont get it. i was so in love with him. head over heels in love with him. i dont even love my family as much as i love him. i hate him for breaking my heart, and today when i finally just got home and was by myself. i completely broke down and cry. i dont think i've ever cried this much before and what i think hurts the most is that he didnt even care about me enough to break up with me in perosn or even on the phone he did it over texting. im so distruaght. just anyone give me advice. all i do is want him back. is there any way i can get him back? or is it hopeless.. just please help me
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Best Answers: i just want to get over im. im heart broken all over again. i've never cried so hard in my life.?

Sessy Sessy | 3 days ago
It's over. It's hopeless, you're never gonna get him back, even if he makes you believe you got him back he will most likely be using you for a while and then drop you again, realize that! Keep away from him! Don't text him! Don't call him! Don't answer his calls! Break up any contact with him, you're so blinded with love that you cannot see him just using you. Keep yourself occupied, find a hobby you enjoy, stick with friends, go to places where you can meet new guys(if you think you're ready for it). Crying is good, cry whenever you feel like it. After wards you feel easier. If you have someone you can shed your heart out, do so, say out every painful feeling you have till you just can't think of anything else, if you don't have anyone who could listen to you, write it down, for yourself, not as a letter or anything, keep a journal. Trust me, you'll get over it, just don't think about him anymore. When your mind keeps bringing him up, scream or yell to get your mind clear or do something creative or productive. Trust me i know what im talking about. I was together with a girl for 4 years. This girl was my girlfriend, my best friend, my soul mate, my family. There has been NONE in my life who i was closer with than with her. She was my life, the only person in my life who loved me and took away my sadness and fears. She broke up with me and .. just vanished from my life all of a sudden, leaving me behind, broken. I almost killed myself cause the pain and all the other feelings i was feeling were just too much. Now it has been a month, i am glad i didn't manage to kill myself, in fact i feel a lot better and things get better everyday, slowly but they get better. I managed to recover and i believe you can do this just as well! -Good luck with everything! Im sure you're gonna be fine, just keep your thoughts positive all the time and avoid your ex at all costs!
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Sessy Originally Answered: Panicking, heart broken, and on the verge of a breakdown. please, please help.?
Everyone seems to have given you good advice, so I'll try to not tell you how you should be feeling or acting... But, more of a comment.. I feel like giving you a big, snuggly hug. And if a complete stranger wants to hug you based on only a few paragraphs..? Think of all the people in your future, the ones who know more of you than a couple paragraphs, who will want to hug you..! =) I don't think you are at fault at all... And maybe.. Once things settle down a little, your friends/family will accept the situation. The essays probably seem like the least of your problems, but maybe they could serve as a distraction while everyone sorts out their feelings. If you can find somewhere safe to write them, you could try it...

Ondria Ondria
Hey, I'm soo sorry that you've been put in this situation! It's completly harsh and i really wish i knew what to say. I know that forgetting someone i a lot harder to do than say! So I'm not going to say that; Instead the truth; He doesn't deserve you. To be toying a girl along for that long just to break their heart like that; I don't even know what could have been going through his head. I really want to help so will be putting some thought into this answer and updating it soon. Good Luck!! I REALLY hope everything turns out alright.
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Maeve Maeve
Hon, breaking up with someone you love is very painful. There is no way getting over someone you truly love. That's why the saying "love goes on forever" is a true statement. You should know, however, that in time your will feel ok again and that a more loving relationship is waiting for you just around the corner. I know all this because I've never gotten over a long lost love of nearly thirty years ago. But I wouldn't trade the love I had for that man for the man that I married and had children with. Hang in there, enjoy some icecream, pamper yourself, and know that you will smile again and be a more compassionate person now.
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Keri Keri
Well, I would say from my experience, guys are less sensitive to being told that a girl fancies them, or still fancies them, or just wants them back..... So if you really want this guy back so much... I think you should just tell him that you want him back..... (It's the now or never syndrome).... But If you want to just let him go and get over him, then I would say just to avoid him totally, but without being rude to him, if he says Hi or somthing say hi back, so you don't look as though your being rude.......
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Jacobina Jacobina
You can do whatever you like ! First thing its so normal to feel like you do ok so don't worry talk to him and ask him out and go out and see what will happen play his game until he reveals his cards thats the best advice I have in this situation !
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Jacobina Originally Answered: Why do People pretend to have a hard life?
I've noticed it. Not only is it for sympathy, it is also for pity and an excuse. Too many people have seen situations in movies and tv shows, where the villain has a depressing backstory and all of a sudden everyone feels sorry for him/her, all is forgiven and everyone lives happily ever after -.-" If teachers know you have a hard life they will be nicer to you out of pity. You never do your homework? You're mean to other students? It's okay, since you have suffered so much I won't get you in any trouble, because you don't need to suffer anymore. If your friends know you have a hard life, they will listen to you more when you have a problem. If a person who is generally happy suddenly starts crying, even if the person is rude or normally isn't recognized (an outcast), someone will ask "what's wrong" then offer advice, kind words, and a helping hand. In a verbal fight, the person who is crying will almost always have the upper hand, because he/she looks more vulnerable. Even if the crying person is at fault, people feel sorry so they will get angry with the person who isn't crying instead. People are desperate to appear more mature, after all, strong people we refer to as heroes, generally go through a lot right? In short: To appear mature and receive sympathy from other people, to have an excuse for making mistakes, a person will wear their problems on their sleeves. It's a shame, especially to those who have truly suffered. It's a definite shame...

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