I need a great research topic on really anything?

I need a great research topic on really anything? Topic: I need a great research topic on really anything?
June 26, 2019 / By Twyla
Question: Hello everyone!!(: I need a research topic by March 7th, 2011.Just a random research topic, it doesn't matter what its on. It has to be 15 pages long.. :P blehh! But i have NO idea what I am going to do! I really really wanted to do All-Star cheerleading : ). Whats all-star cheer? Just look up Cheer Extreme Senior Elite on youtube(: Enough said! I don't think i can do cheer though because we need 3 books about the topic and im pretty sure there is no books about cheerleading (the real kind). So if you can find a book or two about cheer please tell me! :DD and list your source to. So what if I cant do cheer..? Im going to need a new topic, Any good ideas? Please make it something easy to write about, fun to write about(: , and easy to narrow down. Also not something stupid like teeth. Who would make a 15 page research paper about.. teeth? If anything make it something like dentistry lol. Anyway so if you can list some books about cheer with a source of were you found them ( if you found them on the internet, which you probably did please list the link) and some fun Research topics it would make my Day!(:
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Sandy Sandy | 3 days ago
Based on your original topic: *Fashion trends and how they've changed. *Beauty pageants (their appeal, pros, cons, etc.) Just because they're fun: *The spread of chocolate *sharks (Don't dismiss this; there are really good books on them, and they're seriously misunderstood creatures) *Harry Potter (Pros, cons, origins, etc. There's a book called The Science of Harry Potter; I own it. Also, it's a twist on Lord of the Rings and T.H White; a good thing to mention) Happy Writing!
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Sandy Originally Answered: Atheists, let me get this straight: my great great great great. granddad is a rock?
EDIT: The problem with your interpretation of abiogenesis is that it assumes that the first organism was a single-celled organism similar to the ones we are familiar with today. It could easily have been a far simpler form of reproducing "life" that we would be entirely unfamiliar with but long ago went extinct. I would recommend looking up Darwin's "warm little pond" hypothesis- while the part of it concerning the origin of life itself has been thought incorrect by the scientific community of late, his thought that the earliest forms of life would be devoured by more advanced ones still retains value. It offers an explanation as to why we would not today see or even recognize the most primal forms of life were they to be available for study today. The truth is, nobody knows for sure what went on that long ago. The assumption is that some natural process was responsible for starting life. It could be anything, truthfully, but given the lack of evidence for the supernatural, reasonable people should limit their consideration to the natural explanation. Science doesn't support the Genesis creation account.
Sandy Originally Answered: Atheists, let me get this straight: my great great great great. granddad is a rock?
Well, your great great great great....... granddad's great great great great....... grandson is as smart as a rock.

Nola Nola
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Lysanne Lysanne
History: WW1/WW2 Civil WAr SLavery communism tolitarianism rule Science: contreversy of cloning global warming Politics: democracy?
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Lysanne Originally Answered: Research Paper Topic?
You could talk about foster homes. You could talk about how television does or does not effect development. You could talk about different learning programs for children, ie "My Baby Can Read," etc. It does tend to be a lot easier when the subject is something that you have a genuine interest in learning about or that you already have an opinion or knowledge about.

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