I need help on persuasive essay!?

I need help on persuasive essay!? Topic: I need help on persuasive essay!?
July 16, 2019 / By Tierra
Question: Prompt is "Should school lunchtime be extended?" My group went with the pro side. Im doing the third reason and i need help. My topic sentence is "If school lunchtime is extended, there will be more time to do homework or study for tests." I need facts and opinions to back it up. PLZ!!!!!!!!!!
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Rosy Rosy | 4 days ago
The easiest way to do that would be to actually stand in front of the cafeteria near the end of lunch period and 1) count the number of students in the cafeteria and 2) count the number of students you see studying and come up with a percentage. The next day, talk to the students you see studying and ask them 1) if they usually study during lunch and 2) if they would benefit from having more time to study during lunch. Teachers LOVE when students go out of their way to gather information for an assignment! Plus, you wouldn't just be expressing your own opinion on the subject... you'd have other people backing up and strengthening your position. Good luck and have fun with it!
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Rosy Originally Answered: Is this a persuasive topic for an persuasive essay?
A persuasive essay needs to argue one side of the issue only so don't worry about giving the yes/no. You need to explain brainwashing. What do you mean by brainwashing? Do you want them to talk about limited educational benefit or literally wiping their minds. Also define television. Television can be anything from ads to documentaries and soap operas. Maybe say; Does commercial television today, negatively impact the minds of children and teenagers and destroy their capability for learning and imagination. Expand and explain. hope that helps

Nadine Nadine
Kids are stressed They need more time to study if they play sports and dont have time to study at night. They think better after they eat. They aren't so tired. Sorry if that didnt help
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Lorena Lorena
well, if the lunch time is extended.. hmmm.. there will be more time to eat --> stick something in about how alot of ppl are obese and eating slowly is good for you cause then your body takes the time to digest it and crap.
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Katee Katee
Okay, you need to say that the grade average would go up and it makes teachers look good or something like that. Say something that makes them think it will effect them in a better way..................................... Good Luck!
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Heaven Heaven
hi connie ur cheating by using yahoo answers to do ur work despicable go do ur own work! -Ryan =P
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Heaven Originally Answered: Can someone look my persuasive essay?
i must say, reading this i was very charmed :) it has logical reason along with your own personal insight and admiration toward you father. If i was your parent i would enjoy helping you pursue thisbook collection but i would be very very mindful of how expensive books can be. sometimes its best to be patient as your building room on your shelf for more books. why collect so many books that you haven't had time to read, ya know. But overall i love your essay, and the quotes afterward!

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