I Need help on some Religion Homework.GOD BLESS YOU IF U HELP ME.?

I Need help on some Religion Homework.GOD BLESS YOU IF U HELP ME.? Topic: I Need help on some Religion Homework.GOD BLESS YOU IF U HELP ME.?
June 24, 2019 / By Uriella
Question: Need help on some Religion Homework...Anyone who is willing to help?!? Ok I have a couple of questions, that i need help on. 1) How does a person love God with all one's heart, soul, mind, and strength? 2) Who is the neighbour you are called to love? Why? 4) Describe one way you could possibly experience God's presence through service work? (((((( This is a grade 9 CPT))))) -by the way,
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Scarlet Scarlet | 3 days ago
I just like the "God bless you--IF YOU HELP ME" part. I didn't realize that churches were giving homework these days. I thought you were just expected to feel guilty and that's about it. EDIT: I guess I should actually answer the question. Speaking from my former Christian perspective, 1. Love of God cannot be expressed through piety alone. Loving God must first begin with loving all of His creations, including one another. 2. Loving your neighbor means loving all of your fellow humans, regardless of their beliefs or their attitude toward you. The purpose of this is to harbor goodwill between people of different faiths, by first setting the good example, as Christ would have. 4?. Experiencing God's presence through service has everything to do with loving thy neighbor (see above), and living your life according to Jesus's example. By doing works in the way that Jesus and His disciples would have, you can experience a closer relationship to God.
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Scarlet Originally Answered: Common sense- If you murder to protect your religion, what does that say about the religion?
as salaamu 'alaykum. Insha'Allah, when one is defending Islam, meaning that he is physically protecting Muslims from being physically attacked and in so doing slays the attacker such is considered just cause as long as the doing so by the defender was the only way to get the attacker to cease the attack. That is not murder. Murder would be more correctly understood as the senseless and deliberate taking of the life of someone who is not physically harming you, especially when such an act is undertaken for personal gain. To blaspheme, the one doing such must be a believer is what he or she is blaspheming and if one is a true believer they will not blaspheme that which they believe in. If a kafir/nonbeliever says something against Islam then let them be as they do not know the truth and Allah, Subhanna wa Ta'ala, will explain the same to them on the Day of Judgment. Alhumdulillah! It should be remembered that to a Christian, one saying that the prophet Issa/Jesus, 'alayhi salaam, is not the literal "son of God" has blasphemed their understanding of the prophet. If the Christians then ordered death for every Muslim who denys the divinity of the prophet then the whole world would be covered in blood. They tried this once (i.e., the Crusades) and it did not work out any too well for any of the parties invovled. We should not seek to behave like those whom we believe to be in the wrong in such cases. If you kill someone for blaspheming the faith then you have taken away any opportunity they may have had to repent. do we ever have the right to act in such a manner or to so limit the choices of others? Masha'Allah, the Prophet Muhammad, sala Allahu 'alayhi wa salaam, was kind, understanding and did his best to live peacefully even with the enemies of Islam. Alhudulillah! Insha'Allah, it my understanding that we are to try to follow his example. ma'a salaam

Norma Norma
To love GOD with one's whole heart, mind and soul is to dedicate your life to Him. To try and live by His example and to abide by the book HE made available as reference on how to act, live, behave, etc., The Love thy neighbor commandment is more like treating people the way you would want to be treated...all people...not just those you know.and usually when one loves God with their whole heart, mind and soul, they are loving also their neighbor because they are keeping the commandments GOD left for us. The main reason for loving your neighbor even if you don't like them is for forgiveness of your sins. Some people can't help being what they are, so yoo don't have to like them, to love them in Christ. You will be forgiven tenfold if it is in your heart to "feel" something for even those you can hardly tolerate. That does not mean that you should let people take advantage of you, but by living the example could change the most hardened individuals. Service work usually entails Bible Study or enables better associations so that you can continue to live the way God intended us to live and have friends who feel likewise. Hope that helps. Bless you.
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Macie Macie
LOL will I be blessed only on the contingency that I will help you? 1 Pick up the cross and live it. 2 all those around you. It is a commandment. 4playing music for the ministry. make sure you show up in math class.
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Kelsey Kelsey
1) By letting go of material worries; 2) Evryone else in the world; 4) Work in a soup kitchen for a day.
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Isadora Isadora
question 2) the neighbor's you are called to love is everyone in the world it is like following the saying love your neighbour as you would love thyself. so love every one if they have wronged you or done you good, god did not make this world for hatred and sorrow he made it for creation, love and peace. hope this helps, and good luck. -x-
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Isadora Originally Answered: Please help me with my religion homework.?
1 it is seen as too holy. calling someone by their first name is seen as over familiarity. name translates 'YHWH'. (as OT originally written in block capitals with no vowels.) when readin a text aloud, Jews would sub in the word 'adonai' meaning 'my lord'. this form of the word is used only for God. (human master's called 'adon' or 'adoni' (plural) 2 an agreement made by two parties, like a promise. often symbolised by cutting animals in half and walking down the middle. meaning, if either of us doesn't keep up our end of the bargain, may we end up like these animal. in ot God walks thru alone. (in vision) 3 they would be a great nation etc. thru them all nations of the earth b blessed? 4 Christians are God's adopted Children. God Bless

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