I need help understanding my SAT scores?

I need help understanding my SAT scores? Topic: I need help understanding my SAT scores?
June 24, 2019 / By Alban
Question: my scores are: Critical Reading: 500 Math: 350 writing:430 (Multiple choice:45 essay: 6) should I be worried about these results? and retake the test?
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Sybilla Sybilla | 6 days ago
Actually it doesn't go by percentages of answers correct. It goes by Percentiles (the number of people that you scored as well or better than). An 800 is the maximum score, with a maximum of 12 on the essay section. The average Overall Cumulative score of all students taking the test is a 1495 to 1500, with a 500 average in each section and an average of 7 on the essay. Your Cumulative is a 1280. Your critical reading score is right at average, and your English score isn't bad. Your Math is seriously bad, though. You could not be considered into any University programs that require Math as a prerequisite with a 350 (CompSci, IT, Math, or Sciences). There are some low ranking state universities and regional universities that will accept a score of 1280 (as long as your unweighted GPA is at least around a 2.5). You would have a much better chance at a broader range of Universities with a 1500 or over, though. I would suggest scheduling a rewrite for October. Buy an SAT study guide and review high school Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry text books (you can take them out of the library) over the summer. Also, work on Vocabulary words.
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Reanna Reanna
Ouch. This score is seriously bad. You should be seriously worried, since you are extremely below average (220 points below). Retaking probably won't help too much if you're scoring this low. Try looking for some SAT optional colleges. I got a 2320 ( 800 CR, 800 Math, and a 720 Writing with a 10 on the essay), but I'd had no problem with any of the material on the test. Your score shows a serious lack of comprehension of SAT material, so I honestly don't know what to tell you.
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Merletta Merletta
SAT: 800 on each of 3 tests (math, critical reading and writing) for a grand total of 2400 This is the Maximum. so you are judging yourself out of 800. you got a 62.5% in critical reading 43.75% in Math 53.75% in writing I think you should re-take.
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