i need help with 9th grade?

i need help with 9th grade? Topic: i need help with 9th grade?
June 19, 2019 / By Abihu
Question: ok so im going to 9th grade and im sooo not prepared ill tell you why 1. because i went to a private school and they barley teach us things 2. i dont know how to write an essay 3. i dont know what im missing and need to learn 4 the materials i missed 4. im nervous 5. uhg soo mad dont know what im missing nothing i dont know what i need to do or anything and 6. and its tooo late to go to summer school
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Silver Silver | 7 days ago
well it sounds like you've already passed one of the biggest tests of high school and that's to take a vested interest in your learning experiences. making school important to you will make your learning experiences much richer. some things you can do to stay on track: 1. when you feel yourself struggling to get the "big idea" from any class, have a talk with the teacher. ask if there is anything they can offer practice wise in the area you are struggling in. don't ask for extra credit. this lets them know you are doing it to make the experience more meaningful. 2. take advantage of tutoring opportunities your school offers. do not be ashamed to take charge and ask for help. 3. group up with friends in your class and discuss the work you need help with. peers can be hard on each other, so only open up and look for help from the friends you can trust to treat you right. 4. ask questions in class. don't be afraid! when you ask a question, there's a REALLY good chance someone else in you class was thinking the same thing, but just wasn't as brave as you were at the moment. don't worry just yet about what you "might be" missing in your new classes. instead focus on the big ideas you studied (or were shown) in the 8th grade and search the internet for resources to help you practice those skills. most teachers review a little bit at the beginning of the year, so take advantage and dig in quick. you are already off to a great start for the new school year! being self aware and wanting to succeed are two very important pieces to getting the most of those learning experiences. GOOD LUCK!
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Phillipa Phillipa
OKAY OKAY! first step! BREATHE! I'm going to grade 10 so I'm quite experienced since i did Grade 9 last semester. 1. I went catholic school (I'm canadian its more popular) and they didnt teach is sh*t. I got by just fine. 2. Same here. I could teach you though i'm SURE they will teach you. 3. Materials? Ask the teacher if you get stuck. Good thing about high school is that people are coming from diffferent schools so their knowledge varies. 4. So is everyone. Its okay to be nervous but you won't die or anything. 5. WHAT ARE YOU MISSING?? lol. 6. I swear in grade 8 I did nothing (almost) but EVERYTHING I learned wasn't relevant in Grade 9. So what I'm saying is your teachers will fill you in with the information. In canada we take French as a second language and my teacher was pissed I didn't know anything. I still slid by and did fine. Msg me at [email protected] if you need help. :-)
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Mary Mary
Personally I don't think there is anything you can do at this point except grin and bear it. Although where I come from there wouldn't be a problem since they don't teach anything in any of the schools. So going to high school here - you wouldn't have to worry. All I can say is do the best that you can. If you need help - just try and get it. Seek out our education because noone will hand it to you on any platters.
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Lakisha Lakisha
find a personal tutor before school Please answer! http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;...
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