I Need Help With an Essay.?

I Need Help With an Essay.? Topic: I Need Help With an Essay.?
June 24, 2019 / By Affrika
Question: Should schools have the right to tell kids how to dress? Pick a side and give me three reasons Yes or Three reasons No im trying to write an essay and having some difficulty
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Thomas Thomas | 1 day ago
Yes a school should be allowed to dictate student attire because: School and hence learning is a mind set. When students don the uniform, they are in fact donning a mind set. For example when you put on a bathing suit your mood is altered by your the anticipation of fun, water, and sun. Similarly the learning mode or attitude for learning kicks in when putting on the 'learning suit'. Secondly, because all students are entitled to receive a quality education, distractions need to be avoided as they draw student focus away from the curriculum. This is especially true in middle school when puberty is kicking into high gear. a plunging neckline or short skirt can be very distracting to the student/s who's hormones for propagating the species are flooding the bloodstream at the onset of puberty. Finally, some students also have a difficult time concentrating on the classroom content if they feel out of place within their peer-group/s. Not all students have the resources available to match their style of dress to what is deemed acceptable within their peers expectations. When a student is worried about not fitting in with the prep group, the head banger group, the goth group, the rebel group etc... their mind is not focused on the curricula and are therefore not receiving an education at all.
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Quincey Quincey
This essay sounds like it's about your opinion. So... Ask yourself this question and answer it xD My answer would be an inbetween answer. They shouldn't make us wear school uniforms because that holds us from our full potential! We can't express our individuality and creativness. But they should have SOME say because of the inappropriatness some disgusting students may try to pull off. Such as... Don't wear a bikini to school except for swim class (if you even have that xD)
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Mallory Mallory
I can only thing of yes AND no-reasons and only one of each. Yes: No mobbing because of what you wear. Rich or poor - the same outfit. No: Nobody should tell me what I should wear. That is privacy.
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