i need help with my homework?

i need help with my homework? Topic: i need help with my homework?
June 27, 2019 / By Adolpha
Question: i need help with my homework and i don't have a map please help me 1. what is the name of the peninsula in southeastern Mexico, nad what are the two largest bodies of water that it touches? 2.place these terms in at least three groups of at least three terms each and label the groups: China, untied states, asia, russia, north America, south America, Honduras, brazil, canada, india please thank you
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Terah Terah | 4 days ago
You do have maps because you are online. Just type into any search engine: map Mexico and continent subcontinent country Then you will be able to answer the questions. By the way, if you look at a map you will see that Baja California is in northwestern Mexico, not southeastern. You will be looking for the Yucatan Peninsula.
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Phoenix Phoenix
1. Baja California. It touches the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean. 2. Asia, North America, South America (Continents) China, Russia, India (Asian Countries) United States, Honduras, Brazil (Countries in the Americas)
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Maddox Maddox
IT IS NOT BAJA CALIFORNIA, that is on the western side of Mexico. The Yucatan Peninsula is in southeast Mexico and touches the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. You shouldn't need a map for question 2. I wasn't going to answer #1, but I didn't want you to have the wrong answer.
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Jehosaphat Jehosaphat
Baja California It lies on the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean ok.. I gave you one.. now you do your homework and do the second.. ok..? Google should give you plenty of information. .
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