I need help with scholarships?

I need help with scholarships? Topic: I need help with scholarships?
June 19, 2019 / By Acke
Question: I'm a sophomore in HS and I wanna get a Master's in criminal justice and its pricey and I'm wondering how, where, and where could I find or get obtain some scholarships under my belt for it and even internships too (I'm 17 if it matters) also if there's a site of templates for a resumé I coukd construct ...please help I'm bot just another dead beat teenage guy, I'm really trying to make something of myself Thanks again
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Spring Spring | 8 days ago
First of all, get good grades in high school and take the proper classes necessary for college entry. Do well on your SATs/ACTs. Do some extracurricular activities if possible, such as volunteering or joining clubs at your school. All of that will strengthen your college applications once you are a senior and start sending out college applications. The better your grades and overall application, the more likely you are to receive merit scholarships upon acceptance to college. Then your next step, once you are college bound, would be to start researching scholarships and apply to them. Research local ones first since they are less competitive than national ones of course. See if the college of your choice has other scholarships that you can apply to. Then start writing essays. That's pretty much it. We can't direct you to any specific scholarship. Focus on undergrad first. There aren't usually any scholarships for masters, and internships are typically unpaid.
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Spring Originally Answered: do i have to pay to apply for scholarships?
It is totally free to search and apply for college scholarships. Most base it on the essay you write as a part of your application or an interview. There is even a duct tape contest in which a person wears duct tape to the prom and is judged on their creativity. Very few are a random draw. You will be judged on style, creativeness in some cases, your plans, and originality. Before submitting any essay, I recommend having 2 or 3 individuals read it for proof reading and for making a good solid point. I will include some free resources to locate college scholarships. First, the college's financial aid office and website has a list of private scholarships offered from outside organizations and companies. Sometimes a college major's website will list scholarships, too. Second, the public library has a book listing scholarships with some not even listed on the web. Third, the high school guidance office has a list of local scholarships and state scholarships & grants. Fourth, fill out the FAFSA form because it will tap into need based financial aid from the state and federal governments along with the college itself. Fifth, a campus work study job can help with money needed during the school year. The program is funded by the federal government. It will be a job on campus and most times can work to your availability schedule. There should be a box on the FAFSA form for it. Sixth, good grades and SAT/ACT test scores do pay in the form of merit scholarships. Individual colleges and the state government hands them out. As a result, it pays to study and work hard on schoolwork. Finally, I recommend joining several free membership scholarship search websites, but the best I have located is Scholarship Experts since they have a very thorough and lengthy survey to complete compared to Fastweb. There are scholarships for a variety of things including ethnicity, clubs, hobbies, and even wearing duct tape to the high school prom. Most are updated on a regular basis. Most offer a customized search based on information entered onto a form on the website. Good luck!

Primrose Primrose
Microsoft Word has plenty of resume templates you will have to dig & look for scholarships (ask your high school counselor for more info) good that you are thinking ahead :)
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Mavis Mavis
You can enter scholarship drawings for up to $10,000 here: https://bitly.com/LT4Ye4 You just earn points by doing nice, easy activities and enter them in! Each point is a chance to win. ScholarshipPoints has some great blogs, like monthly scholarship updates, and advice to college students or high school seniors. It's one of the easiest scholarships to enter. This is another great scholarship site with lots of essay scholarships: http://www.sreducationgroup.org/scholars... Here are some great scholarship search sites: http://www.scholarships.com http://www.fastweb.com http://www.zinch.com http://www.cappex.com http://www.collegeprowler.com http://www.studentscholarshipsearch.com You can modify the search criteria to search almost any scholarships. Here's a compilation of many other scholarship search sites if you've looked through all of the ones above: http://www.college-scholarships.com/free_scholarship_searches.htm There's also weird scholarships like the duck calling contest, Duck Tape Prom Dress scholarship, etc. Here's a list of them:  http://yescollege.com/2013/04/100-unique-and-weird-scholarships-worth-applying-for-2013/ You have many choices. Good luck! I hope you get a great scholarship.
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Laura Laura
Oh..you are a teen-aged one so you can collect Information through searches. Be a hard work ,always god gives you a good result for your effort.
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Jewel Jewel
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Jewel Originally Answered: What's the deal with scholarships?
Organizations give scholarships out for a few reasons. Organizations and companies can be very committed to giving back to their community - so they do so by helping a qualified high schooler save a little bit for college. They also can get tax breaks by allocating some of their revenue for "charity," and in this case they choose to do so through a scholarship fund. Sometimes giving out scholarship money can be a way of advertising for a company. For example - a bank may give out a scholarship, but to apply you need to be a member of that bank. Incentive for someone to possibly open a new account or switch to a new account. Sometimes these scholarships are advertised on a national level, thus bringing more attention to the organization offering the money. And sometimes - people like to be able to say "Look at me and the great thing I (or my business) is doing for these students!"

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