I need help with this essay?

I need help with this essay? Topic: I need help with this essay?
June 24, 2019 / By Susanne
Question: This is the idea/prompt; The "Rights Camera Action" Human Rights Campaign Grant is available to students with an interest in human rights. Applicants must submit a proposal detailing a human rights campaign they intend to pursue at their school. its for a scholarship that i really need.Any ideas are extremely apprieacated!
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Randa Randa | 6 days ago
Well you should go to www.youthforhumanrights.org and/or amnestyinternational.com to find a lot of information on the Human Rights. Find the one that you're really interested in and passionate about. Then research how you can help solve the violations that take place. If I were you I would mainly focus on your school but also branch out to how you can help further in your state or the country. This is a cool essay to write. If you find one of the 30 articles really affects you them write about it. The more passionate and interested you are in the subject you're writing about the better your essay will be. Good Luck Ochre
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2nd paragraph: French force "had built"... ...and grasped victory..." 4th paragraph: ..." he set many precedents..." "....he created the cabinet system...useful during any difficult situation or difficult situations." "... he declined a 3rd term..." "... would not become a tyranny as the one we ..." last paragraph: "...who led us... not with force.." "....he showed us.." "...potential and could accomplish.." "...if we work together.."( join together is redundant) ".... fight for what we believe in" Congrats!! you did it by yourself and the writing is very good.you expressed your ideas clearly.
Randa Originally Answered: plz check my grammar on my essay and improve my conclusion(it's narrative essay) it's urgent?
Edited below The theme of this poem is death, revival, destruction, and creation. The author's message is that if there were no wind there would be no existence - no leaves, trees, or other living things. The west wind gives life to life; it has vital power. From the first to third departments, the west wind controls three parts of specific positions - land, sky and ocean. The author explains the west wind like a human and he wants to praise the west wind. From the fourth to fifth departments, the author emphasizes the relationship with wind. [Say more here about what he says - and whose relationship] You may want to add in more about how the author praises the wind. And what are these "departments"? Do you mean "verses"? And leaves and trees are too close - is there another word you can use fm the poem there?

Mercedes Mercedes
Do you have an interest in human rights? Are you interested in pursuing a human rights campaign at your school? Those are the first two question I would ask myself. From there, figure out what area of human rights you are passionate about, those which you feel strongly about. That will be the best motivator for you. Then, think about the resources you have available to you, your own strengths and weaknesses and figure out a way you can spread awareness, raise funds or make other progress in supporting human rights in your own school. I'm not going to tell you what to do...(then I might as well apply for the scholarship myself ;]), but hopefully this will help you get started on the brainstorming process. Good luck! :]
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Lenora Lenora
What? could you please rephrase the question or add an additional note asking EXACTLY what you want? lol. Its pretty hard to understand now. If its something with human rights. I suggest to go for something controversial, down to earth and "Yourself". For example, i would joing the 'legalize weed campaign' as i have been a supporter for it for moreover 5 years now. :P
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Your topic is the question "do we have an ethical obligation to help one another? If this is the question you want to put in the opening paragraph, I wouldn't put it like that. You could start the introductory paragraph by saying "the question is often posed as to whether one has an ethical obligation.... " You really have to make a personal stand about which side you think is best. So you would say "the world would be a better place if one accepted the ethical obligation to help one another" or "it is important to accept the ethical obligation.... Or if you don't agree then ...there is no ethical obligation..... That way you have avoided the use of the question and avoided saying "I" An anecdote would be acceptable if it backs up the argument. Post again if this is not what you wanted answered/

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