I need many opinions and arguments to help me out on my research report, my topic is Racial Profiling?

I need many opinions and arguments to help me out on my research report, my topic is Racial Profiling? Topic: I need many opinions and arguments to help me out on my research report, my topic is Racial Profiling?
June 24, 2019 / By Aston
Question: Okay, i have to complete a 7 page research paper on racial profiling, and i have made a thesis state ment: Racial profiling can be used to the justice system's advantage because it can significantly drop crime rates, slow the drug trade, however it must not be abused by police officers. Are my reasons good? And please leave comments on your view and opinions on racial profiling to help me with my papaer. And it would be EXCELLENT if any of you know of a legitimate web site with race and crime percentages and type of crime, or any other websites that will help me further my research. Thanks! FYI: i am not racist, i just believe profiling should be used when neccesarry (e.g. destroying meth lab, stopping terrorists, busting coke dealers, finding a murderer, ect.)
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Best Answers: I need many opinions and arguments to help me out on my research report, my topic is Racial Profiling?

Abagael Abagael | 2 days ago
make sure you put in something about how racial profiling could cut down on acts of terrorism. over 95% of all terrorist attack around the world are committed by radical Islamic persons. Islam is a peaceful religion, its the bastards who twist the Koran and make it into what they want it to be that are making the world unsafe. By profiling people coming from places in the middle east and Islamic Africa where the terrorists hide we could effectively cause the rates of terror attacks on the US & Europe to drop through the floor. Next we need to get rid of all the socialist/ communist /marxist/ marxist-leninist liberals here in AMERICA and become a world power again.
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Abagael Originally Answered: What is the problem with racial profiling?
well how would you feel if terrorists began using bathrooms as places to make handoffs of contraband, weapons or information. Perhaps the government would have to start surveiling bathrooms with bugs and security cameras, would you trust them if they promised only to watch people who looked like terrorist? We need to keep talking about the value of privacy against the need for national security. What about the internet, with so many unprotected wireless networks, it would be easy for criminals to hide under their neighbor's computer network for their transactions. Wouldn't that justify the NSA to watch everyone's internet traffic, thus giving them access to track you online banking, emails, even political discussions here. Not because you are likely candidate, but because a terrorist could easily impersonate your identity. the cat and mouse game can go on and on, but where shall we draw a line as the cost of a democracy to preserve freedom, and privacy, against so called minor inconveniences? Has the government proved that it ought to be trusted to put it's hand further into our lives? It sure did a good job of saving for your retirement and making sure you have healthcare.
Abagael Originally Answered: What is the problem with racial profiling?
There is nothing wrong with racial profiling. A majority of terrorists are muslims, but not all of them, such as Timothy McVeigh (The OKC Bomber) so you really can't just focuse on one group.. My solution would be to profile everyone, or at least the suspicous ones. When you are dealing with lives, you can't give in to people who complain, if they don't like being searched, then they must be hiding something. I don't mind being searched at airports and it makes me feel safer.

Sonny Sonny
Racial profiling is one of the most misunderstood terms and concepts in the criminal justice system. Those who claim that there is racial profiling refuse to accept the fact that some races/ethnic groups are inclined to commit certain crimes while other racial groups don't. If a city was experiencing a spate of armed robberies and they all were being committed by black males it would make no sense at all to stop white males right after the crime. If there were a bunch of burglaries in a white neighborhood and witnesses reported seeing white males in the area of the break-ins it would not be good police work to shadow black males in the same neighborhood. If cocaine was being transported up the I95 corridor and statistics showed that most of it was being delivered by blacks then it would be good police work to stop black males who matched a certain profile.
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Oscar Oscar
First, you need to define what "race" is. I'm really looking forward for someone to come out with a legitimate definition for "race". If you can't define it, how do you know it exists? There is one race of humans, the human race. Anthropologists have looked for different races of man, and have been unable to adequately define or agree on a definition for "Race". Geneticists claim that there is no more difference between people with dark skin and white skin than there is between people with brown eyes and blue eyes. Religions of the world usually start at one place with 2 people, such as 'Adam and Eve", all in one race. Some Social Scientists decided to measure the differences between a group of Blacks and a group of Whites. They found that there was more differences of people within each group, than there was between the groups Yet, Calling someone a "Racist!" is a convenient trigger word, a weapon, to end all conversation, and discredit or gut shoot your enemy no matter how true or correct his argument is. The concept of many "Races" of people is a convenient lie we all agree on. We shed ourselves of slavery, now we need to face reality and the truth. There is "Cultural Profiling", but there can be no "Racial Profiling" unless you can define race.
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Oscar Originally Answered: Do you think racial profiling is alright when it comes to security at airports and airlines?
No racial profiling will only lead to further social unrest with this topic. There are many other technologies employed to allow for security to weed out suspects/terrorists. Unless a suspect has been SPECIFICALLY stated as being said race, height, along with other visible and distinctive characteristics, it makes no sense at all. That is different from racial profiling, as you are targeting your suspect instead of a group of people. I've known people who were targets of racial profiling and all it did was make their lives more difficult and make them more jaded towards airlines and security. A couple years ago, a family friend's daughter was prevented from getting on a plane because she is Indian, and therefore all Indians must be suspects, correct? Even though security could have gotten information about her age (a minor) and where she was heading to. I also met a guy who is a white guy, but because he has very dark hair, olive skin, and dark eyes (greek), he was targeted although he was a HIGH SCHOOLER on a field trip! Honestly, I wonder where some of these security people get their intel sometimes. What we need to do is develop creative and more effective ways of detecting criminals in our airports instead of resorting to race. Ironically enough, our airport security could still be jeopardized-- on my local news it was reported that unmarked vehicles, unpermitted are on the runways and also near the docking areas. How nice!

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